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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Improving learning

I was surprised at how much of this I already use in the classroom. It still helps to be flexible and adjust your methods to improve learning with the students.


Heading back to teach nursing students is a passion of mine to mold future nurses. It is great for the students to know that we care about their learning, struggles and achievements. 


I appreciated the resources hyperlinked.

Action Plan: Effective Use of Open and Closed Questions in Class

Action Plan: Effective Use of Open and Closed Questions in Class

Enhance student participation and foster deep understanding of content through strategic use of questions.

Best Practices:

  • Review the material and learning objectives before the class.
  • Identify key points that can be addressed through open and closed questions.
  • Begin the class with an open question that stimulates reflection and discussion.
  • Encourage students to share their ideas, opinions, and prior knowledge.
  • Utilize closed questions to clarify concepts or assess factual knowledge.
  • These questions are useful for verifying immediate understanding.
  • Following a closed question, pose an open question that encourages discussion and
  • >>>

best practices

Modeling and teaching positive attitudes such as integrity, caring, empathy and compassion



lecture activities

I like the website  "" to create crossword puzzles and matching column activities and have the students complete them after the lecture to reinforce the information. 

Icebreaker game

My first day, I like to open with an ice-braker. A good one is, you have the students to tell 2 truths and 1 lie, and the rest of the class have to guess, which is a lie. The students really get a kick out of it. Another one is icebreaker questions like; what day in your life would you like to relive? What was dream job as a kid? just to name a few. Icebreaker help students to participate and transition into learning experiences.

I am new to this

I am new to this and I will try my best to learn from others.

Learning Environment

Provide an environment that is conducive to learning. 

Using Rubrics

I completed an intensive course on Rubrics a couple of years ago and tried to utilize them in some of my assignments. However, I may have missed the suggestion, but I never really thought about using rubrics for course evaluation. I will be developing formative ones for each of my courses.

Reflection and Action Plan

I have had many of my practices reinforced during this course. However, I can see some of the ways in which I could improve my current practice.

For example, I will be developing a Learning Plan as part of my portfolio for each course. This will help the students to understand the experience and have buy-in early in the course. I believe it will enhance the lesson planning process, especially, the assessment/evaluation step. 

I will also be working to develop some case studies based on the criteria offered here to enhance the retention and thinking skills of my students. I… >>>

Cultural Differences Are Not Necessarily Foreign

As I was arguing with myself about the differences in my own classroom among students born in the United States, I arrived at the slide which included the subcultures in the continental US. I will be using some of this information in my classroom orientation to help my students identify reasons they might not want to participate in some group assignments. They are not aware of why they think differently, but it poses a challenge to try to accommodate all those differences and negotiate a successful assignment. So, thank you for that slide. It would be helpful to include some… >>>

Becoming a Teacher-Instructor

It is a paradigm shift to go from being a student to being a facilitator. The acquisition of knowledge and the many exams we take in preparation to teach is in direct contrast to the role we have to play in the modern classroom. We are constrained by standards and time frames and pacing guides. It is a mindset that I will continue to work on changing.

New to teaching

As a new instructor I plan on engaging my students with small group exercises that keep them questioning the content they have learned.

The objective of the class

clear presentation focus in the action plan is the key for success 

Addressing different Learning Acquisition Styles

I find students have very multi-tasking busy lives academically and personally and find it difficult to achieve a good work-life balance. Often students have told me they could not afford a book or do not reach announcements or materials and are skimming through modules and instructions and rubrics, resulting in a loss of points. Additionally, students often do not check emails daily which can be my only way to reach them. I find using the Remind Text that some colleges allow to be valuable as all students have phones and it is a quick way to directly reach students with… >>>

Instruction style

I will be showing the class what they need to know to be successful in the class with hands-on training and education.

Effective Assessments

This course had some really great suggestions for making your own assessments. I typically use a lot of premade assessments that come with the program I use for instruction. I tend to make my own summative assessments, as I feel it is better to test knowledge of materials we actually covered in class. This course reaffirmed that this good practice. The suggestions will assist me when making these, i.e. percentage of true/false, making completion sentences have the blank at the end, not the middle. 

As a second year teacher, I will use many much of this information.

Instructional and Learning Styles

I enjoyed learning about the various instructional styles. It is important that students are taught in a way that is conducive to their learning styles and success.