Action Plans

To me action plans are a part of career development and are important to achieve... >>>

Completed my first course today

Learned to be an effective teacher with new strategies. Practice, practice, practice.
Teaching Style:

Push students about their assumptions
Create opportunities for them to learn about... >>>


I have a young man who smart etc,but has difficulty with math . I need insight please.
my email address is
Cozetta Carter... >>>


Application of flipped-classroom instructions helps students engage in... >>>

Learning Efficiency

I am excited to be able to review the chapters and introduce more refined applicable content.
That will be translatable in their... >>>


using assessments at the end of class to summarize what was... >>>

Wisdom, Best practices, Action PLans, Successes and Challenges

While I am new to this position, teaching has been a passion of mine for a lifetime. During this lifetime I have taken every opportunity to educate whenever the opportunity is available. Through doing... >>>


This was a great learning experience. i plan to incorporate what I leaerned here for a better lab... >>>

I must be aware of more things than just my lesson plan

I will have to takes notes on everything from student learning styles, to how they interact with me and each other, and make sure I am adjusting my knowledge and teaching style effectively to let them... >>>

ED 125 Effective and Efficient Teaching

This training module helped me brosden my tools for presenting class material to the students.  The training module also assisted in shariing several methods of involving the class in lecture and... >>>

My experience

I tend to lose focus during lectures- I find the hands on approach much more... >>>


I always greet my students with Good Morning when they arrive in class. I make it a priority to learn each students name that is in the class as well. And, I learn quite a bit about the students by... >>>

My plan

I believe the major aspect that I now understand more clearly is compassion. Yes, that might sound odd because it's commonly frowned on in today’s work environment but when dealing with students... >>>

Great Refresher!

ED 101 has been a great refresher on the princples of teaching and learning.  There were some really good points that I have not used before, including the use of an iPad with additional info,... >>>

Becoming an Effective Teacher

After completing this course.  I was able to realize some of the flaws that most educators forget about because they are too busy trying to get the students out and on their way.
I... >>>

ED 101

Excellent and reminder of ways to make myself a better... >>>

Learned from ED 101

The delivery style is just as important as the content to be taught. If the style is ineffective to the students, they will not learn. Being organized will also assist with student learning as they... >>>