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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Teaching Technik

what i have learned from this course is that how to try to get the attention of the students and make them share their knowledge with their classmates and their teacher and keep them alert to pay attention to the concept and also telling what i had learned from my experience on aviation for more than 45 years and what i have been through which its real connected to the concept and how to upgrade my knowledge so i can reach to what and how they are thinking .    

Managing the Class and Students ED104

I've learned the different methods to manage students in the classroom.  How to deal with students with diverse problems.  The different types of test to give the students to help with their learning.


I remember at time when my job had my entire clinic take a day off and go somewhere off campus to do something fun and yet help us team build to be better at our job, and become stronger as a team.  We learned how we can better communicate and talk through things better when we may experience conflict.  Sometimes it's better to problem solve and get better perspectives on how to handle situations, especially when everyone has different personalities.  It was a great idea and the faciliator was very helpful! 

My Teaching Plan on how to become a great instructor !

I plan to become a great instructor by the knowledge i've obtained in this course by acknowledging everyone has a different way of learning objectives and recognizing that not every person has the same learning technique i will also incorporate skills they have used in their everyday life so they can understand better. i will also be adding in some skills that ive learned from past instructors that have gotten me to this point in my career. i plan on overcoming any challenges i face by attacking them head on and speaking to my students regularly asking them how they… >>>

Critical Thinking

I like and do use the True or False, If False explain Why concept.  

Wisdom, best practices, action plans, successes and challenges!


Instructional delivery and assessment are fundamental components of effective teaching. Here are some insights, best practices, action plans, successes, and challenges related to these aspects: Clear Learning Objectives: Begin by clearly defining learning objectives for each lesson or unit. Objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART), guiding both instruction and assessment. Varied Instructional Strategies: Employ a variety of instructional strategies to accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences. This may include lectures, group discussions, hands-on activities, multimedia presentations, and cooperative learning. Differentiated Instruction: Differentiate instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners within the classroom. This involves… >>>

what is the difference online students and classroom?

Online lessons are usually shorter lesson plans. 

New teacher

As a new teacher I'm going to strive to incorporate more facilitator roles in my classroom. I was taught more in line with the scholar 'sage on a stage' mentality and although I have more experience with mentoring students one on one, I struggle with embodying the facilitator role for large groups of students. Working on more engaging lessons and less lectures is a struggle with trying to meet the objectives within the timeline and also encourage self accountability for the adult students with their own learning. 

Present yourself to be known.

First day present yourself so the class know who you are , then class will participate, once the ice is been broken, begin with the experiences and introduce the class subject, group dynamics keeps the attention and interest on the students.

Preparation & Care

This course was a comprehensive guide to improving teaching pedagogy. Every aspect gave actionable and clear methods to incorporate in the classroom. One of my biggest takeaways was the importance of preparation and care for students. Often academics strip their students of their humanity instead of meeting them where they are and understanding that each student comes into the classroom with lived experiences and intersectionalities. As educators, we need to prioritize making students feel safe and comfortable in the learning environment. That includes making a real connection with students, remembering their names, and more. I include various ice breakers in… >>>


In the first class meeting I give each student an index card and they write their names and the reason why they are taking my class and their favorite things. Then each student will speak to the class of what they have written on the card. The students and I get to know each of them.

Academic Planning

Academic Planning is key to running a successful classroom 

Back to Basics

it's a balance between bringing your own personal style and personality to the table with content delivery. Effectively balancing both can have dynamic results

Improving learning

I was surprised at how much of this I already use in the classroom. It still helps to be flexible and adjust your methods to improve learning with the students.


Heading back to teach nursing students is a passion of mine to mold future nurses. It is great for the students to know that we care about their learning, struggles and achievements. 


I appreciated the resources hyperlinked.

Action Plan: Effective Use of Open and Closed Questions in Class

Action Plan: Effective Use of Open and Closed Questions in Class

Enhance student participation and foster deep understanding of content through strategic use of questions.

Best Practices:

  • Review the material and learning objectives before the class.
  • Identify key points that can be addressed through open and closed questions.
  • Begin the class with an open question that stimulates reflection and discussion.
  • Encourage students to share their ideas, opinions, and prior knowledge.
  • Utilize closed questions to clarify concepts or assess factual knowledge.
  • These questions are useful for verifying immediate understanding.
  • Following a closed question, pose an open question that encourages discussion and
  • >>>

best practices

Modeling and teaching positive attitudes such as integrity, caring, empathy and compassion



lecture activities

I like the website  "" to create crossword puzzles and matching column activities and have the students complete them after the lecture to reinforce the information.