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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.


I have learned how to prepare mentally and physically as i take on the task of being a new instructor. I am not new to teaching but facilitating a classroom of adult learners will be challenging and rewarding. 

ED125 - Effective and Efficient Instructional Strategies

This information will be very helpful in the classroom.

Questioning in the classroom

this course helped me in understanding and implementing questioning in the classroom

there are two types of questions: opened and closed

each type has its own advantages and disadvantages

general speaking we prefer closed type as they are simple to create , easiest to understand and very useful during lesson summary, quick review and short quizzes

but it is better to use the opened questions more as this type of questions help in high level of critical thinking

types of opened questions: Comprehension, application, procedural

types of the comprehensive: comparison, extrapolation,translation and interpretation

i have learned about wait time (1st… >>>

Action Plan / Course Takeaways (ED101)

Hello all, 

I have many takeaways from this course, but the main one is that I am human. Yes, of course I am an instructor, so I will automatically be held to a higher standard by my students, but the motto at ACC is, "Humans helping humans.". This is powerful, a strong reminder to myself and my students that if we go into anything scared to make a mistake, then nothing will get done. We must remember that mistakes are okay, and a first-time instructor starting soon, I am bound to make more mistakes than I can count. However, preparation… >>>

ED 206 Considerations for specific lab environment and safety

There is an aspect that we need to keep in mind as we perform specific lab and safety and is that "An instructor must be very aware of his or her responsibilities as an instructor as well as legal responsibilities." It is my practice to every term perform an activity about safety such as recapping needles for example. Students get involve and activities and sometime do not consider the danger in lab activities. 

Student can change class to class, so one must be flexible.

I noticed even individual classes change in their personality and motivation.  One bad apple does change the dynamic of the classroom.

Learning how to communicate knowledge

When we are passionate about the information we are sharing. The recipients of the instruction will hear and see this. This form of energy created opens the minds and encourages active participation. 

questioning in the classroom

Regarding asking a student by his name is not preferred, I prefer asking first a close question and then start discussion with all the students in open questions type.

And also to plan your session first by when will be this question needed and when discussion needed will give better result and time management


I always like to state why we a specific project is required for students to help them realign their purpose.

The importance of soft skills

One of my goals is to transfer maintaining a positive attitude. One way I begin  every morning with a positive and end our day with a positive attitude. 

Doris Owens

The course gave a lot of valuable information to guide and direct me in a lot of areas of my teaching career. 


very good

Apply your knowlege

This quiz has many good questions. Applyng the knowlege we know and the work we have done as teachers keeps us moving forward.  Know your students and how they learn and teach with styles that apply this knowledge. 

What i have learn

I have learn it take time a effort to run a successful class.


Never stop learning!!! Try to keep up with the field as it continues to advance. STAY HUMBLE!!!! Someone is always going to know more about what you are teaching than you, Stay humble and continue learning and growing.


I learned that you have to connect with your students and establish relationships. 

Effective Teaching Strategies

Some important take aways I've learned from this module are taking the time to prep for your course and class. First impressions matter and it is important for students to have a respectable view of their instructor especially because you as the instructor serve as a role model for the students and they will most likely take your cue when it comes to preparedness, punctuality, and professionalism. One of the biggest statements that also stood out to me is to never approach your class with an attitude that you are smarter and know better than everyone in that classroom because… >>>


Practice, practice, practice. 


We can get better and better by constantly practicing. 

ED 106

Utilizing the student engagement tools with verbal and nonverbal cues. Including pauses to monitor and observe the entire class dynamic. It is a constant need to evaluate our students and their struggles or successes.

Best Exam for Students

ED103  Student Learning and Assessment is very useful to my teaching. I have learned that each student is different in terms of reception with information given to them. Knowing individual receptivemess make it easy for instructors to choose which method of teaching to deliver. Different exam method also caters to different type of exams that we want get out of our student. Be it critical thinking or practical skills. I used both intructional powerpoint with pictures and viseos in my method of teaching. I  added group  presentation to  allow participation and group collaboration.