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The importance of knowing students names to connect with them. Additionally, understanding that students want to have a sense of comfort in the ability to succeed in the course and towards their career after leaving class. 

This may be the most important thing, the impression you make for the students after seeing them for the first time.  This will alleviate the stranger feeling they get from meeting someone for the first time. I am a charismatic person so I think that my students will relate to me.

I think our jobs as the professor is to make the 1st time meeting the most comfortable but yet make sure to get the point across about classroom respect, and rules along with what our educational journey! I know my students always thank me for doing this and I am proud to say it has worked for me for many many years!!

Be open and inviting to students upon first meeting to ease their anxiety and hopefully let them know that you care about each of them and their success in the course.

Create and introduction plan and don't rush. Create a comfortable setting/environment and get to know students. 

I realized how much is lost when a class is 100% online.

I realized some of the inherent weaknesses of a 100% online program.

It is key to engage with students so that they feel comfortable and more willing to participate in class  

It is important to arrive early on the first day and learn about student's names.

Don't forget the importance of having a positive working relationship with your students. This will teach them mutual respect and let them work more positively in the classroom.

Engaging with students at the beginning of class enables you to learn more about your students, and thus be better equipped to meet their specific learning needs.

The importance of first impressions and interactions as well as clear expectations from students from the begining.

Students need a sense of comfort that they will be able to reach their goals and attain a certain license/certificate. It is important to make a good first impression on students so they are confident that you can help them achieve their goals. As well as letting them know you are human and creating a connection with the students, such as remembering their names. 

Class introduction is important for establishing a positive learning environment: The class introduction sets the tone for the course and helps create a positive and welcoming learning environment. It provides an opportunity to establish rapport and build a sense of community among students and between the instructor and students.

I learned that it is important to introduce yourself and your experiences. Have students introduce themselves and something personable like their hobbies. Get to know your students and let them know you are there for them making them feel comfortable with coming to you if they are struggling in the subject.


Introducing yourself and sharing your career experiences to your students is a way to start building that rapport with you students.

Create activities and group activities for students to get to know each other. 

The importance of having a flow to class that start with introductions and ends with an understanding of what to expect from the class. 

An introduction of both the professor and the students is important to establish relationship and comfort. 

It's important to inform the students about your expertise and experience as well as to know theirs. 

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