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It is important to introduce yourself to the class and give a brief description of your expertise so you can establish credibility with your students.

For the first class, even more so than subsequent sessions, having been well prepared pays dividends throughout the remainder of the course.

Getting to know your student is important.  Some ways to do that and remember names is by using a index card with there names on it and tent it.

Very logical and comprehensive. Feeling I am on the right track.

Take the time to know your students and share background information about yourself so they get to know you as well. Doing his gives the students a sense of comfort since you are not strangers anymore.

Important to set resonable expectation and learn students names

Meeting the class for the first time is the first impression you will give to your students about yourself, the class goals. It is also important to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

Address and speak to everyone with respect, students as well as fellow staff members.

introducing yourself and allowing the students to do so creates a more personable relationship.

Meeting a class for the first time an instructor should introduce and provide information about their expertise in the field.

Building rapport in the kitchen is essential for the chef instructor to develop a teaching relationship with individuals and the group that is effective.

How important it is to introduce yourself as the instructor which sets the tone for the class. Also having the students introduce themselves to you and each other- breaks the ice and meet the others outside their "group".

Its important to know each student  name and also consider doing a ice breaker to open the students up 

I like the ideal of having students write their names on a card which is folded into a tent and placed in from to them; along with creating a seating chart to assist me in learning each student's name. 

That I need to really learn the students names and I’ll have a lot to cover the first day of class. 

By making the class more relaxing and comfortable, the first day of class can set the students expectations for how the course will progress. Personal introductions and ice breakers are recommended the first day.

Introductions, learning the names...setting up the environment, very important!

First impressions are crucial.  So first day try to deflate the nervousness of you and your student by getting to know each other and having them feel comfortable with the course criteria they are about to take to achieve the goals set.

Getting to know your students as well as giving them an insight into who you are will help everyone feel more comfortable. 

It is beneficial to be straight forward to give the students a sense of where they're going and how they'll get there , introducing yourself to the class and the class to each other so they feel they are not a bunch of strangers sitting in a class.

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