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Active Learning & Student Engagement

What is a strategy for engaging a student who is constantly on their phone or on an electronic device, not paying attention or participating in class?


Instructors give less time to students with disability?


Invest time in instructional methods

Enhance student learning

Provide extra time

Enhance student learning

Getting into diverse groups

Enhance student learning

Stay organized

Enhancing Student Learning

Timed lessons

great material


Rubrics/ Un-Grading

What are some methods you have utilized to assess a student's learning without actually giving a grade that measures it or requires a rubric to be utilized for grading?

New Faculty/Instructor Challenges

As a new faculty/instructor, what were some of your challenges and fears that other new instructors can learn from?

Course content

Excellent reminders!

The Most Difficult Part of Teaching

In your opinion, what is the most difficult part of teaching? Is it teaching? Classroom management? The students? Making tests?   I believe that the hardest part of teaching is knowing if my teachings are effective with my students. Now with this training, I have found ways to help improve my teaching style as well as be more mindful about my students to help them learn the best way they can.

Great Class

I enjoyed this class.  It allowed me to step back and reflect on things that I have observed but hadn't yet put words and reflection into processing.

Very beneficial

Learned alot 

Professionalism VS Instructional Style

Could be so "professional" that it hinders an effective instructional style?

Learning Techniques

I have found that using a combination of audiovisual techniques is helpful for students. For example, sometimes showing a short video that supports content we have just gone over, with a quick quiz after to benefit information retention.

Breaking the Iceberg

Instructors can benefit significantly from making quality connections with learners. Customarily, as educators, we perform a variety of icebreaking techniques to allow learners to feel more comfortable.  However, I believe that "breaking the iceberg" is more essential because it is an ongoing process.  It enables learners to acquire positive learning experiences and to attain higher order thinking.  The affective domain for learning is paramount because if learners are uncomfortable in their learning environment, learning ceases at its onset.

How to Memorize

I teach Anatomy and Physiology and the majority of the anatomy portion requires memorization. I found that labeling and re-labeling a diagram was an effective learning strategy for myself. What other study methods do you recommend for memorization-heavy classes?

Class introduction

How to decrease the instructor anxiety before starting the class All thesese modules are son helpful to be sucessful in your teaching

love it

very interesting