I use UpToDate a lot which is the best evidence based medicine reference. I have attached a screen shot for your... >>>

Prepare Outline

Having an outline, not only helps the faculty keep track that all objectives are covered for the day, but also let the students know the expectation for the... >>>

A Discussion Article

I teach Psychology. In both the classes I start with this article as an icebreaker. And I do it in many ways. It can provoke a lot of conversation and thoughts how they see themselves and others and... >>>

Active Learning / Benefits of Using a Group Dynamics Approach and Flexible Seating Arrangements

I accomplish the encouragement of active learning into my courses by exploring and experimenting with flexible seatng arrangements and rotating group members.  In these sitautions, my role as the... >>>


I time-to -time prepare a illustrated study guide for my student to foucus on the testing... >>>

Transcript form

This fom must be utilize when requestion... >>>

different types of quizzes

The different types of quizzes and assessments can determine what exactly and how your students are retaining the knowledge that is being taught to... >>>