Lindsay Seizys

Lindsay Seizys

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I learned new ways of delivering and evaluating students such as WebQuests and portfolios.

I love the term "intellectual interaction" in regard to online discussions. I plan on borrowing this.

I am still warming up to chatGPT because I have seen it used many times in cases of student plagiarism. After completing this module, I have decided I will bring chatGPT into the classroom to show students how they can appropriately use the technology to help recall specific facts or content such as sign and symptoms of different disease processes.

This course has helped me to see some of the potential benefits of AI... I could certainly start using it to prepare for class and there are appropriate ways to use it in the classroom. However, I need additional time to warm up to the idea of using it regularly and I still have concerns with the technology. 

This course has opened my eyes to some of the potential benefits to AI, although I still feel very hesitant to use it in the classroom or recommend it to students. It is not always accurate, and I worry that our reliance on technology will diminish our spirit of creative inquiry and critical thinking.

I have seen the drawbacks of AI when students use it to create papers, discussion posts, etc. So far, this course has highlighted some of the benefits of AI that I had not previously considered.

Bringing technology into the classroom must be a deliberate, structured approach with clear expectations and boundaries.

Gen Z (Post-Millennial students) can be demanding as they want information immediately. Instructors should do their best to view these generations in a positive light.

Never lose your temper at work! 

This article breaks down some of the most critical elements of professionalism into three categories: attitude, behavior, and communication. Actively working on these areas helps to strengthen your professionalism.

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