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Checklists will be essential to help you remember various tasks and/or keep track of all the tasks that will need to be covered in your class.  Arriving early gives the Instructor the advantage of greeting each student personally and asking for feedback regarding the course.    

We can always improve our teaching skills.  Set goals and create a plan of actions of what skills we are needing and wanting to improve.  If we are not excited about the subject we are teaching how do we expect our students to become excited.  We are the students role models, manager and motivator.  

Its great if i can put what i have learn in practical application i believe i will be good instructor if i will succeed to do so ,i will try my best to achieve that  Goal .

It was interesting to learn about the foundational baseline for workplace skill training.  I will certainly use this model when creating laboratory assignments.  Safety should be prioritized in the laboratory setting; I plan to use a safety and equipment sign off sheet to document this from now on!

I do agree to effectively assess student progress one must create rubrics that include purpose, practicability, reliability, and validity.  Rubrics help eliminate unclear expectations for both student and instructor.  I also agree that assessments should reach across cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains in order to be effective.

Instructors should use multiple strategies to address the variety of student learning styles and adapt those strategies based on the differences of individual groups of students/classes.  I found it very interesting to learn that studies have show students will gravitate toward more accountability/responsibility for their learning with less lecture; and demonstrate better writing and thinking skills in a cooperative/active learning environment.  I do offer an active learning environment...but still find that students come unprepared or have not finished required reading, etc.  

I find great value in providing students with competency based learning opportunities.  However, I do see where opponents are coming from when they say that clear objectives must be established in all three domains in order for the experience to become legitimate and subjective, demonstrating that students think critically and apply the theoretical practices into real world applications.  

khazal altalib

I have learend how to be a good teacher by giving all knowledge and skill i have and how to act with the student and try to help them and try to explain   to them and show them correct way to do their project and encourage them if they do not  succeed  the first time they should try a gain and they should be honest and patient and how i have to improve my way of teaching for the best and i have to solicit to others and to teach the students how to be disciplinarian and how… >>>

practice demonstrations before class

Let students participate in learning and have active discussion during class

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