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I have already learned that I am a visual-learner. However, I can see the benefit of the other styles of learning.  I will keep those other style in mind when meeting new students.

Video recording and evaluating our lectures is one good technique . 

Lesson plans help keep you focused on how to prepare for each class session, including the content and materials needed for the students.

The first impression for instructors starts the minute they enter the class and continues throughout the first class meeting. 

Checklists, especially on the first day of class, can ease nerves and help the students settle in.

Students will adopt behaviors so instructors must model the behaviors they want them to adopt.



It is important to teach the curriculum and course content, but we must be able to see if our students are "checked out" or are listening and absorbing the information. Incorporate fun activities to achieve your goal. 

Teachers are models of professionalism, lead by example, Motivate

Being prepared, having that positive attitude, and willing to learn peoples names does make a difference right before the lecture begins.  People interact with a variety of people and being able to communicate clearly prepares the individuals to face the real world.

I agree about getting to know the students, but do not cross the line of becoming their pal.  Instructing in a calm, respectful, and professional way will deliver the study material to the students in a more positive manner.

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