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Hello. I share with you an experience of collaborative work combining synchronous and asynchronous classes in university education. Greetings from Córdoba, Argentina.

Hello! From this fourth module I keep the following ideas: making teaching-learning strategies explicit (socialize them with the course), evaluation as a learning tool (not only for testing) and adapting the teaching proposals to the different technopedagogical profiles. Greetings from Córdoba, Argentina!

I liked the first video that was shown... you dont have to convince your students you are the most knowledgeable. Be humble. Convince them that you love the subject and the rest will follow. It is important to encourage and support our students and best to lead by example. 

Hi! Bearing in mind that learning is a social fact, not only an individual one, it seems to me fundamental to implement strategies that promote collaboration, interaction, mutual communication, the search for common solutions to problems, as well as the shared production of knowledge. One possibility to implement the proposals of this third module could be through the formulation of team projects that provide concrete solutions to certain problems. Greetings from Córdoba, Argentina!

Hello! I will keep two ideas that I found remarkable in this second module. On the one hand, the planning of synchronous activities based on previous trigger questions, which can be useful both to test previous knowledge and to motivate the need to engage with the contents. On the other hand, the idea of modified lectures with different variables, I think it can be an interesting way to develop a traditional practice in an innovative way. Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina!

Hello! Very interesting all the teaching proposals presented in this first module. A common aspect of all of them is that they seek to “activate” and “keep active” the students through different activities that involve them in a meaningful way with the contents. They are learner-centered strategies, where the instructor becomes a guide, tutor or support, not an imparter of knowledge. Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina!

Keeping the student engaged and excited to learn

I plan to incorporate preplanned lectures, hands-on activities and media clips into my teaching style. This will hold the student's attention and actively engage them in the learning process.

Unique ways to break the ice during first day of class when needing to present class syllabus and course overview and expectations.

Key take aways for me: know your craft (technical), be professional (lead by example), be personal (be approachable). 

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