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Using a variety of lecture and teaching methods will keep your students more engaged in the course material.

Everything you do on the first day, how you're dressed, how you introduce yourself, how you interact with your students, even how you present the course syllabus, sets the tone of the class.

Proper prior planning prevents poor performance. Create a checklist to stay organized, and always keep a notepad handy.

I have learned that monitoring of students can result in creating a positive learning environment.  Monitoring can keep small problems small and prevent them from growing into large problems.

I have learned the benefit for my students of moving around the classroom, especially during lecture.  It will help to keep their focus on what I'm teaching.  

The biggest take away for me was: the Five C's ( credible, compassionate, committed, candid, and clear), and the three competencies (technical, professional, and personal). And using the experience of my fellow instructors to help me implement these points. 

In this module, I learned the different types of tests, and the pros and cons of each type. 

In this module, I learned that as an instructor, our learning objectives must clearly state what we would like the student to learn.  Then, we would assess students' learning based on the objectives.

In this module, I learned different ways of asking students questions.

From this module, I learned that there are different learning styles, and when students are taught with approaches and resources that complement their unique learning styles, their achievement is increased.

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