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Ask a question from your peers to help you in your professional work. Seek different points of view on a topic that interests you. Start a thought-provoking conversation about a hot, current topic. Encourage your peers to join you in the discussion, and feel free to facilitate the discussion. As a community of educators, all members of the Career Ed Lounge are empowered to act as a discussion facilitator to help us all learn from each other.

Ways to motivate your staff when raises are not an option

We have been on a pay increase freeze for a little over 2 years now. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to motivate employees, when money is not an option? Thank you!


I think a leader needs to set the example for his or her employees to follow. That's the best type of leadership.


This section was particularly effective as it shows that independent thought will be discouraged due to the group consenses. Alternatives must always be considered.


Must your vision as a leader always be long term? Can you have a motivating short term vision?

Promoting Individuality

I've found that cliques form small pockets of groupthink where in the stronger individual takes the role of the leader and the weaker in the groups suffer the fallout of groupthink. What are some ways to break up small pockets of groupthink and promote individuality?

Open Conflict

How do you prevent open team discussion from appearing to be a personal attack, especially if there are multiple complaints regarding one team member?

Contingency Plan

Building a contingency plan by increasing the number of adjunct faculty has created a stabilizing factor with faculty and increased my flexibility with schedule.

Making Change to Quickly

I have found that by seeking input from the team, they are more receptive to a needed change. It also forces me to move slower.I learned this lesson the hard way, by seeing a need and making an immediate change which was then not received well.

Engaging all team members

If we notice that one person in lacking in participation, what is the best way to handle this without having to single that person out?

What are some ways that you motivate your team?

I have a wonderful team of three that at times get negative and unproductive. It is a constant battle to keep them motivated because of negativity. As the leader, it is difficult to repeatedly break down why some things are the way that they are and why we have influence over certain things where other things are gravity. What are some ways that you keep a team motivated?

New manager at a young age

I have been working in the admissions department for 4 years and I recently got promoted to manager. I am worried the department will not take me seriously and it will be hard to get them to respect me as their manager. Any suggestions?

Walking in the Work Place

As an RN in the hospital,I always walked at a quick pace. I have continued this habit as a new program director. I noticed most of my peers do not share this habit. Should I continue this habit or blend in?

How to Hold Project Team Members Accountable

After developing the project team I found it very important to get the team together to develop "team norms" to ensure that everybody was on board. One of the main objectives of these norms was to be able to hold each member accountable for his or her responsibilities towards the overall success of the project. All "norms" were created in a group setting with all members present. The norms were base on the main objective of the project as well. Has anyone else ever used this type of approach and how effective did they find it?


Leadership begins with self-leadership. Until you know who you are, your purpose, your strengths and talents, you cannot be authentic. Authenticity is the opposite of ambiguity.

Team Member Differences

In a team meeting, before we got started I put a blank sheet of paper on the tables in front of my team with instructions they were not to turn them over, write on them or touch them. They found that difficult. At the end of the meeting I then gave them the same instructions with the exception that they were to pick up the paper and ball it up. I picked up a trash can and put it in the middle of the floor and told them that from where they were they were to toss the paper in… >>>

Parking Lot

Often times during a meeting a "bunny trail" may begin between 2 members of the group. By using the parking lot method, the team members know the "bunny trail" may be addressed at the next meeting and we are able to move on without appearing to trivialize any potentially valuable thoughts.

PositiveTeam Progress

The concept of breaking down a decision into smaller pieces was very helpful in our team going forward with a huge project. The project involved personal accountability of each member in order for the project to be completed accurately. How do you set appropriate time limits for each team member as some have different work loads but all need to complete their "piece" project?

Group Think

Any tips on how to avoid 'group think' in project teams - particularly within smaller companies that tend to lack the diversity of larger firms?

Decision Concesis

The concept of breaking down a decision into smaller pieces was very helpful.

Favoritism effects the team

When a manager shows favoritism to one team member, the other team members will notice. This could have a negative impact on the overall team's comradery and productivity. Any thoughts?