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I think a leader needs to set the example for his or her employees to follow. That's the best type of leadership.

Any thoughts on best type of leadership styles?

I agree. As an instructor I always try to be the example for my students. If they observe you doing something they are usually more inclined to do the same.

I teach Business Management classes. I emphasize "leadership" when presenting and discussing management of business activities and human capital. One quote I use in class was said by Colin L. Powell, Four-star General; former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff ... " You have achieved excellence as a leader when people will follow you anywhere, if only out of curiosity."

I agree! The supervisor needs to set the example and it will help set the precedence for the employees. It also helps them know what is expected of them if they have a role model to mirror after.

Leading by example is a great form of leadership. Some examples that a leader can demonstrate are control of emotions and knowing when to say "no". Being willing to help a team member out of a pinch without actually taking over the work the team member should be doing is another great example to set.

Yes examples are good ways to lead but you still need to motivate your team and most people will not be drastically motivated by seeing someone else do it. On the other hand to see an enthusiastic individual gaining pride and satisfaction from doing a job well may help to motivate them. So leading by example alone is not good advice.

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