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What this has tought me is that we as instructors need to find different methods on how to keep students engaged and it gave up some tips on what we can do to keeps students motivated throughout the course.

 This module held valuable reminders and tips/tricks to improve my choices for instruction.  I have added the video feedback to speeches submitted online.  This simple act has improved the speeches tremendously as the semester progresses.  I tried the Remind system but found it too time intensive for the number of students I manage.  After listening to this module, I relook at the system for reminders.  I use CANVAS options for reminders, but sometimes forget this step.  I'll strive to improve the reminder system I have in place.  Afterall students are super busy and easily distracted.  


An interesting discussion on engagement and outreach.

I have learned how to create Motivational engagement and will definitely work on this side of it.


I have learned that we need to provide efficient and effective feedback for our students in order for them to be successful. 


I truly have enjoyed this module. Not only did it recap things that I'm currently doing that I did not realize it was an actual learning method but it introduced new ways of reacting with my students and providing them with additonal tools. Since Covid our program has been based on a Hybrid method which I honestly was not sure about but have come to enjoy. It allows students that are working or just having busy lives outside of trying to set career goals achieve them but it allows me time to taylor to the ones that need that extra help in obtaining their goals. This module has given me more ideas on how to improve on that and come up with additonal ways to motivate and interact with all of them. 

What I liked best about this course format was that it wasn't all about things that MUST be done but you can get a sense that you're not a collossal failure as an online instructor.  It's not about all the different technological bells and whistles and the focus is on working within the LMS.  It addressed older students as well - something most of the EL classes have not done.

I like the tip about sending reminders for assignments.  I usually just expect them to refer to their syllabus but this is a tool I will implement.


Motivational engagement is vital for student success. One can create this through building relationships, engaging in exciting structures and activities, and having a student-centered focus. I love that this further deepened my resolve to always teach as a facilitator. One can always do more to engage students in person and virtually, and I am here to continue learning how to do so.

Enaging online learners and keeping them engaged is a very difficult task, more difficult than strictly in person learning.  You have to develop a great asynchronous learning module to help assist in the overall learning of the subject matter.  Knowing how to develop and maintain great communication with your students is as equally important. 


Changing the way a student learns can motivate them. Having an active learning environment with motivational engagement will allow the student to stay focused and want to actually larn what is being taught. Also feedback is very important throughout the entire learning process. Another very important thing I learned is to allow the students to discuss subject amongst eachother without hand holding but an occassional encouraging word to let them know they are doing well. 

Excelente curso, nos muestra la importancia de mantener el interes de los estudiantes y sobre lo relevante que es la interacción social en linea. 




Through this module I have learned a lot about the importance of interactive content as it can be a very important tool for the motivation of students enrolled in an online course. The importance of having a query forum to attend and clear up doubts effectively and how this tool helps the students themselves to support or socialize with each other. I was able to learn about the role of facilitator and how we should be an important factor in motivating active and effective participation among our students.

I have also learned a lot about social participation and how having an approach in a timely manner through different means (Email, Text Message, call, etc.) can be a fundamental factor in having an approach and that the students have the confidence to ask us or pose doubts or problems that they are having at a certain moment.

As the fact of responding in a timely and effective way to the doubts of our students can be an important factor to motivate our students to continue in our course and the feedback also contributes so that they know their points of improvement in each of their activities, the fragmentation of content and activities is one of the aspects that I will work on the most since, as indicated in the module, it is a very important aspect to consider and that I feel will be very helpful to my students


Gustavo Solano

Good afternoon everyone, this module was a lot of learning. I have built a great knowledge on how to engage students in virtual environments. Social engagement and motivational engagement describe very specific activities to enhance the learning experience. Online education grew a lot during the covid 19 pandemic and will continue to grow.

I learned from the information been share at this course I would like to introduce more technologcal options on my courses. I found that a study aid would be benefitial for my students.  I also want to implement the friendly reminders strategy, I usually send an announcement every week informing my students that a discussion forum and an assignment is aavailable and its due dates. But I considered that some students might benefit from friendly reminders of the due dates, especially for those students that have a hard time administating their time. I will try to apply ideas that can help my student keep engage on the online class.


¡Hola!, he aprendido que debemos tratar de que las clases en linea se asemejen de la mejor manera posible a las clases presenciales y que para lograrlo es necesario estar innovando constantemente en función de presentar un contenido atractivo y de manera divertida, tratando de descubrir todos los elementos motivacionales que mantengan el interes de los estudiantes, así como tambien buscar las distintas formas de interacción que permitan sobrellevar el estudio sin interferir en otras actividades como el trabajo y la familia


I already apply some of the strategies in my classes, but the part of the reminders and having other spaces with the students outside the LMS seems very good to me, I think it will generate greater commitment from them.

This has been a great course, as I have been reminded about the importance of keeping the students engaged thru different activities. I will definitely work on keeping them motivated to learn with the different tools on our LMS.


The interesting thing about this course is that it helps the teacher... to remember the motivational part, since it can be very cold from the computer, if you don't answer on time, if you don't show up, if the students don't have feedback.

Reply to Jonathan Musci's post:I agree with you, in online education the motivation and active role of the teacher is very important.

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