Timothy Semien

Timothy Semien

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Adding dynamic content to your lectures can really help keep your students attention. 


The more you teach online courses, the better prepeared you are for the next round.


Enaging online learners and keeping them engaged is a very difficult task, more difficult than strictly in person learning.  You have to develop a great asynchronous learning module to help assist in the overall learning of the subject matter.  Knowing how to develop and maintain great communication with your students is as equally important. 


The use of discusson boards is a helpful tool in creating an asynchronous learning enviroment.  I participated in online learning and feel like this was an excellent way to have a group discussion, at everyones pace. 


To be effective, learn to use techology tools, for what they were designed to do. 


Learning the 7 principles of instructing was very helpful.  Definitely techniques I will use in my instructor style.


Knowing how to professionally use the various socail network platforms can be beneficial to an online learning enviroment.  


Always use the appropiate tone when talking to students and other staff. 


Being in an online learning enviroment takes soome adaptation on both parts, the student and the instructor. Identifying the best way to present your material in a virtual enviroment is very important. 


Learning students names and calling them by there name during claass, is beneficial to the students confidence.  I like the idea of the name tents and the picturese with students name under them, to help remeber the students name quicker. 


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