Dawn Chambers

Dawn Chambers

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Be honest and upfront with the prospective students especially about financial responsibilities.

There is no one evaluation. Give lots of feedback and make sure to close the loop.

" Meaningful feedback that is connected to learning objectives and is specific, detailed, individualized, and provided in an appropriate way gives students information to help them increase their knowledge and/or skills." What I take from this is to make sure you are always giving good feedback that is clear and specific to the individual.

Using good website tools and allowing for group discussions can help enhance the student experience. Also, it is important that the instructor engage in communication. 

I learned that consistency in modules will make a better learning environment. Utilizing a template will assist in creating the modules. 

From what I can tell I lead and manage. Depending on the situation both are equally important to understand and know when to use. 

Technology has become a staple in the learning environment. The evolution from books to computers, tablets and smart devices has changed the course of learning. 

Having the knowledge to know the different learning styles is very helpful.

I like the reflection on 3 good things. Not only can this help you counteract negativity it can help you look at better outcomes and ways of dealing with one negative situation. 

I enjoyed learning the different ways to utilize PERMA. 

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