Debra Miller

Debra Miller

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I have learned how to create Motivational engagement and will definitely work on this side of it.


I love teaching online because of the new ways you can reachout to the students. It is amazing and I enjoy sharinbg new insites of technology to my students.


Sometimes I do not thionk it is boredom as it is they doi not understsand and will not ask questions. I have had many students feel that way and what I do is contact them and ask what is going with them. I have received many asnwers and most of them I have had to create step by step instructions for them to continue on with the class.


Being engaged with the students and offering personalized attention can help the passive students succeed. I also ak the students why learning this portion of the course can help them in the future. It does seem to work with the one that are passive learniners.


Our online class are geared to the student self learning. I know I am constantly tellinbg the students the are in charge of their own learning and expect them to be active in the course. Their participation makes the course successful.


Active learning for me is the best way. I have always felt the student should be incharge of their own learning. By active learning the student learns from real life situations and when they graduate they are prepared. I do feel the student learns better when they have fun learning.


Rubrics are an important tool for me to be consistent with grading for online discussion. It really help with student knowing what is expected from them and they seem to follow the Rubric for Discussion.


I have learned it is necessary to comuynicate with your students regularly. I have also learned online classes are not very everyone and they need to be told about the commitment they need to be successful in the online evnironment.


I understand and feel technology tools are very useful for online classes and they can make the class more exciting. We need to look at the tools and make sure every student has the ability to use the tools chosen.


I teach online part time and still have a full time job during the day. I manage first by having a phone strictly for my full time job and a second phone for my teach job. This way I can answer all of my student questions during the day and I do most of my online class work after I leave my day job. I do not wait for the end of the week to grade papers, each night I grade papers for those you have turned them in earlier. When I grade each night I also go through and… >>>

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