Dr. Robert Touro

Dr. Robert Touro

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Useful content and delivery of key online best practices.

Simply put, technology makes the world go round and a much better place for man/womankind.

In my 17 years of instructing online, I have found that most students I come in contact with in class, enjoy the freedom and flexibility online affords them  with. Many note, if they had to attend college on-ground, they wouldn't or couldn't due to work and scheduling. I myself have experienced both on-ground and online in my multiple degree pursuits and I am biased in favor of online for all of the obvious reasons (anytime, anywhere) just to be clear on the latter point.

In my 17 years of instructing online, I have noticed a shift in the priorities of both students and institutions. When I first entered online education, students were motivated to learn and applied themselves. As time went on and competition grew with the advent of on-ground institutions getting online, the 'for profits' were compelled to compete and in so doing, recruited new students with tactics to simply attract volumes of students, some of which were not prepared to commit to the regimen required or signed up merely to use student loans as income.

In one of my more recent employs,… >>>

An interesting discussion on engagement and outreach.

An interesting read on the differences between online and in-active.

Having just completed some eight MK courses, this course changed the format and consistency and design layout of the prior eight courses, which seems to be a deviation from what was touted in prior courses as consistency in design. I for one did not enjoy or appreciate the change.

An interesting review and discussion on personality traits for consideration.

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