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Reply to Robert Whyte's post: I agree.

Motivation is key...remember to tell students Fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real...and the only way Knowledge is power is if that knowledge is applied. 

It is so important for students to feel comfortable and safe in their environment to share thoughts, questions, and ideas. 

It is important to consider that some students may have a disability 

It is important to recognize the different learners in each cohort. I try to taylor my teaching to the majority and provide suggestions or meetings for those that fall into a different learning style or group.

Texting tools (like Remind) speak to the students' familiarity with technology and enhance their empowerment by being able to reach their instructor if they are not at their computer.  It's another tool that helps with the communication process, but is better for short bursts of information.

Rubrics allow for more consistency in grading and help the students understand expectations 

Code of conduct for communication needs to be clearly articulated in the syllabus and the instructor needs to role model the desired behaviors

It is important to have a clear code of communication and for the instructor to set the example and ensure the students adhere to it

I have never been a social media user, but I can see how effective a modality it can be when used with students

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