Completion of all 12 EL Courses

I will use my Knowledge to enhance my students learning... >>>



EL 201

I will increase my knowledge of the EL 201 course to enhance my teaching... >>>

EL 110

I will review my know of EL Courses to enhance my teaching my online... >>>

Good practice

Encouraging contact between students and instructor, develop reciprocity, encourage active learning, respect diversity, etc are key for an effective online... >>>


To ensure the quality of online education, we should promote communication... >>>

Mapping time

One of the best strategies that works for me is mapping out time that it will take students to do thier assignments and interact with the material.
For example, I will set up a guide in my lesson... >>>

EL 140

My Wisdom with educating come from people being drawn to me as a person first. Then I establish a relationship with them even if it is 5 min. conversion. It may be about how are they doing or how can... >>>

Challenges in Online Teaching

Online teaching has been a challenge. This module has been very helpful. I can implement this right away. Did not realize that timely constructive feedback means so much to the students. Also learned... >>>

Diversity in the Online Classroom

Today's classroom is very different from the classroom I participated in, and yet, there are certain aspects that have not changed, but are easier to identify and address. As instructors, we desire to... >>>

La importancia de las redes sociales

Me encanta validar el valor educativo de las redes sociales y cómo pueden influenciar para bien o para mal. Por eso soy muy cuidadosa con las noticias falsas y trato de la medida en que se... >>>

Working online

Working online is challenging and very... >>>

Students are not as rational as adults are?

Students often have not learned to do more than live from the heart, while adults have concentrated their efforts on more cerebral approaches. This means a group of diverse people can bridge the gap... >>>

Culture of Abbreviation

The ethos associated with the culture of abbeviation, which most of the on-line community exercises, undermines the value of commuunicatioing insightfully 
through sustained explanation and... >>>


The word "chunk" (doesn't quite work does it) should be replaced with ASSIMILATE or... >>>

Having access to information through a multitude of devices allows information to be disseminated quickly to a large audience.

What if this information is packed with misinformation, disinformation, distortions and lies?
We need a counter technology to combat this. What might this look... >>>

Pulse of Society

This is a contestable claim. What is meant by the pulse of society?
Do you mean the latest information about the Kardashians? It seems questionable that microblogging
accomplishes the kind... >>>

Plan for discomfort when traditional roles and structures of classroom authority are disrupted

Plan for discomfort when traditional roles and structures of classroom authority are disrupted
What does this mean?... >>>

Twitter Accounts

Yes, but there is also the danger of encountering nonsense (which many people are attracted to) and offensive material very easily.
One has to be careful that there use of Twitter is not another... >>>