My classroom

I am excited to import some of the knowledge that I have received through this training and use it with my online... >>>

Building a Wellness Module

Do you know the three aspects of a Wellness Module and how it effects you personnaly? Discussing your personal Wellness Module with your peers brings about personal accountabilty and progress.... >>>

Using small groups for learning

creating duos or three somes to tie together ideas from a lecture (10 min huddle) with 3 min to present to rest of group can often bring into play different uses of the... >>>

Teaching through an interpreter

I am constantly teaching through interpreters. They are a key asset in an environment where you do not speak the language and English proficiency is low. Ideally interpreters should have early access... >>>

Engaging Online Learners

In order to engage online learners, you will have to take what you do in the traditional classroom, and modify it for online instruction. Teaching is what we do, whenever, however and  wherever... >>>


Make sure that all content is relevant and course... >>>

Retaining student engagement

There were a lot of components to digital communication I was not formally aware of, such as the ARCS stuff and the sequence response method.  I will probably incorporate a lot more dissecting to... >>>

Motivating students to engage

As I try to nurture my students to seek learning for the sake of new knowledge as their motivation, I think the transition from last quarter's lack of grades as the motivation they have been trained... >>>

EL141 Reflections and Ideas

Since switching mid-March 2020 to all online, I've learned that communicating content in the classroom, especially in a public speaking course, is vastly different from online. Breaking up the... >>>

Wisdom and practices for success for online instruction

I learned so much taking this wonderful course along with learning from my peers by reading and reviewing their comments through each module.
I will make sure that my courses are coherent and... >>>

My action plan for online teaching

I plan to have a menu option for my course this year, since many students will be learning fom home.  I will have hard deadlines and due dates, with clear consequences, but I will give students a... >>>

What I have Learned

I have learned that games and simulations will be a wonderful addition to tmy classroom.  Especially in the place of pop quizes or when too many warm-ups have been used, and a game would be a... >>>

Action plan

I found this training very helpful in that it broke down the use of technology in an on line environment. The instructor needs to use appropirate technology for effective communication for the course... >>>

Training, and best practices

Sometimes the best training is on the job training. In my case, I would like to have a more comprehensive understanding of the process involved between administration, teachers, students. For example:... >>>

My Action Plan

For the 2020-2021 school year, I hope to try incorporating blogs into my curriculum. Some examples of blogging from this unit were:

Students provide commentary on a research topic pertinent to the... >>>

Communication with students

I have learned a great in this session.  Communication with students is a key factor.  Hence, I plan on developing perhaps some generic well thought out statements that I will be using to... >>>


I learned that feedback should be given in a timely manner. Feedback back on grades is extremely... >>>

Helping Students Communicate

I have learned that it's important encourage students to respond to each... >>>

Online Learners

I have learned many different ways on how to interact with students on social media. Taking an online class can be as interactive as taking a face-to-face... >>>