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Gustavo Solano

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I will prepare all my announcements using positive language, explaining the reasons for the importance of the delivery of each activity and its relevance for the progress of the course, I will also use affective and interactive statements in order to contact my absent students and know that What has happened to them when they are absent, what problems have they had in delivering their tasks and how can I support them. I will work on using cohesive statements more to socialize a little more with each of my students. And I will also send personalized messages to have a… >>>

I have understood that the fact of being updated and trained on the latest technological trends is very important to be up to date with the use of tools that can support and facilitate our academic training processes.

Actually, communication mediated by technology has been a challenge since we must be careful to analyze how messages are interpreted and to what extent they can influence students, as explained in the material, text-based social presence lacks signals which makes them more difficult to interpret if they are not done correctly unlike a video through which we can transmit visual signals and… >>>

I don't know if there will be any identification methodology or if we should explore these competencies one by one to determine which of them each of our students is deficient in.

I have learned that constant or permanent training updating myself in the different tools that can be applied to work in online courses is essential to be aware of the latest technological trends applicable to an online course, within my plans it is in the first place updating and improving the management of my courses by dosing contents and activities, improving in terms of response time and effectiveness and quality in each one of them. Improve communication channels with my students to be in permanent contact with the student, improving retention.

It must be understood that students are now employees… >>>

I feel that this is one of the aspects in which the timely and effective response must be worked on, it can be one of the fundamental factors to improve the level of retention in our classes.

I have learned that contact and empathy with students is a fundamental factor for student retention, that it is necessary to have contact with students from the beginning, providing them with different forms of contact at all levels, administrative, technical and teaching, and the importance of providing a timely response to all their needs must logically be analyzed to which area corresponds to resolve each situation raised by the students.I plan to dedicate more time to establish an initial contact with my students, be more empathic and proactive in my communication and improve more in my response time never… >>>

Do you know of any method or technique that is useful for the fragmentation of content and activities, I have thought of fragmentation by study topics, I do not know if any of you have used any other method that I can share

Through this module I have learned a lot about the importance of interactive content as it can be a very important tool for the motivation of students enrolled in an online course. The importance of having a query forum to attend and clear up doubts effectively and how this tool helps the students themselves to support or socialize with each other. I was able to learn about the role of facilitator and how we should be an important factor in motivating active and effective participation among our students.

I have also learned a lot about social participation and how having… >>>

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