Gustavo Solano

Gustavo Solano

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Utilizar ChatGPT como una herramienta complementaria en actividades de investigación y resolución de problemas.

I believe that ChatGPT can improve access to knowledge by providing quick answers and clear explanations to complex questions, can help students better understand difficult concepts, and encourage self-paced learning. On the other hand, it could encourage overreliance on automatic responses instead of developing critical skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

Considero que ChatGPT puede mejorar el acceso al conocimiento proporcionando respuestas rápidas y explicaciones claras a preguntas complejas, puede ayudar  a los estudiantes a comprender mejor los conceptos difíciles y fomentar el aprendizaje autodidacta. Por otro podría fomentar la dependencia excesiva de respuestas automáticas en lugar de desarrollar habilidades críticas como el pensamiento crítico y la resolución de problemas.

To enrich learning in the virtual classroom by offering immediate answers to complex questions, generating evidence-based discussions and adapting educational content according to the individual needs of students.

Para enriquecer el aprendizaje en el aula virtual ofreciendo respuestas inmediatas a preguntas complejas, generando discusiones basadas en evidencias y adaptando el contenido educativo según las necesidades individuales de los estudiantes.

While AI promises many significant benefits to all areas of work including education, it also poses significant challenges to society that will need to be addressed with care and ethical consideration to maximize benefits and mitigate potential risks.

Si bien es cierto la IA promete muchos beneficios significativos para todas las áreas de trabajo incluyendo la educación, también plantea desafíos importantes que la sociedad por los que se deberá abordar con cuidado y consideración ética para maximizar los beneficios y mitigar los riesgos potenciales.

I will prepare all my announcements using positive language, explaining the reasons for the importance of the delivery of each activity and its relevance for the progress of the course, I will also use affective and interactive statements in order to contact my absent students and know that What has happened to them when they are absent, what problems have they had in delivering their tasks and how can I support them. I will work on using cohesive statements more to socialize a little more with each of my students. And I will also send personalized messages to have a… >>>

I have understood that the fact of being updated and trained on the latest technological trends is very important to be up to date with the use of tools that can support and facilitate our academic training processes.

Actually, communication mediated by technology has been a challenge since we must be careful to analyze how messages are interpreted and to what extent they can influence students, as explained in the material, text-based social presence lacks signals which makes them more difficult to interpret if they are not done correctly unlike a video through which we can transmit visual signals and… >>>

I don't know if there will be any identification methodology or if we should explore these competencies one by one to determine which of them each of our students is deficient in.

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