Lisha Daniels

Lisha Daniels

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Critical thinking plays a huge impact in learning and applying. 

I think to keep in mind not only using the traditional way of teaching but to be open to incorporate other active learning techniques as well. Just keep evolving like everything does in life and how we learn. 

Understanding the technology you're using and making sure it's running effctively. Even in my own experience I'm very knowledgable with the programs we use however if it's not working probably it can cause a fuss. 

For me it's difficult on finding the balance of everything. What I mean by that is pre covid we taught 100% in person, now since Covid we teach Hybrid by providing virtual and in person. However I find that with every class I'm having to changes the techniques that I teach to reach all strives of students so this falls under active learning. As an Instructor I can hand my students all the resources to achive their goal but it will still fall on them to learn and remember the information and apply it forward but then it also still… >>>

I truly have enjoyed this module. Not only did it recap things that I'm currently doing that I did not realize it was an actual learning method but it introduced new ways of reacting with my students and providing them with additonal tools. Since Covid our program has been based on a Hybrid method which I honestly was not sure about but have come to enjoy. It allows students that are working or just having busy lives outside of trying to set career goals achieve them but it allows me time to taylor to the ones that need that extra… >>>

Realizing the challenges that are faced with academics and how to fit them more for students with less error. 

Value added assesment is very beneficial to both my students as well as myself. 

I learned that it's important to always provide feedback to the students after doing essays, assements, quizes etc. Personally I enjoy feedback so I need to make sure that I'm providing my students with that on assignments. I currently provide them with feedback on an overall aspect and during chapters we cover along with clinic time so I will be expanding on this. 

I love this. I feel assessments helps a great deal in knowing how the student is learning and what they are actually obtaining from the information. I try to do this on a regular basis to see where my students are at with the materials as well as ask refresher questions. 

I learned to continue to research ways of using the technology. Whether that be learning, communicating and educating. You can always use different technology tools to reach the students. I will also plan on evaluating the students on how their learning from the systems we use. Everyone is different. Technology is always growing like everything else. I want my students to learn their best way, not mine. What I mean by that is some students strive just by reading on their own time and doing assignments while others need more interaction. I want to continue to reach everyone, so I… >>>

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