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A rubric is an essential tool for both students and instructors for adhering the the format of an assignment. 

The different style of learning of each generation including through technology. 

Utilization of different forms of communication and selecting those that are in line with my personal teaching and communication style for effectiveness. Setting the tone for professional communication. 

Using social media FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram can actually assist with the delivery of online learning. 

Yes, motivational engagement is important. It is also a way for students to think critically.

Providing constructive feedback by showing the student what they got correct and showing how they can improve their answer is important in student engagement. When a student is not answering substantively, I provide a feedback with an open ended question to give them opportunity to expand on their answer and be more substantive.

Planning out the online course can be a lengthy process. The more consideration used during the initial course planning the more versatile it will become for future use. Any modifications needed can be made more easily and quickly when adjusting for different courses. 

A clear outline of the expectations for online learning will help to provide each student with confidence as they complete the assigned tasks.

Setting the stage for the online environment is necessary. Both the student and the teacher should assess the requirements for a successful online learning experience. An initial survey is a great way to identify any potential challenges that may present themselves during the course in an effort to make any changes needed. 

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