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It is important to respoect and take into account different ways/styles of learning

Using social networks can be beneficial to online learning vs social media

The communication model was very interesting to me. I plan to utilize it to improve communication with my students.

An understanding of students are motivated is essential to delivering an online course

I learned to examine the current tool of communication that I am utilizing and to take the time to deturmine if there are other potentially more efficient ways to communicate. 

Be clear about what is expected from students when it comes to DQ responses. 

Digital communication must not replace personal engagement

I teach in the Early Childhood Department and have recently started encouraging students to think outside of the typical question and answer verbal responses by encouraging the use of social media and interactive apps for ticket out discussions. I would love suggestions from others using this format.

I found that communication online is best FaceTime or video log. Students are able to interact but with a little more responsibility. As stated in the previous module we don't want too much anonymity. Calling on students by name is effective from teacher to student and should be no different from peer-to-peer.

Technology can enhance what we do or hinder us if we are not familiar with how to use it correctly. I've used VR, Flipgrid, Yellowdig, drive shares and other simulations type software. Each independently brings something to the table. Each one shouldn't be used all by itself. The variety is the key component to a good classroom space. 

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