Teresa Vasquez

Teresa Vasquez

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What this has tought me is that we as instructors need to find different methods on how to keep students engaged and it gave up some tips on what we can do to keeps students motivated throughout the course.

I have learned about  Knowles Theory of Adult learning by providing the four principles of Androgogy followed by the 4 Rs; 1) Respectful relationships; 2) Responsive facilitation; 3) Reality-based learning; 4) Reflection. Helping students to become self directed learners and creating an open discussion free of judgment is necessary to produce indepedent thinkers with a valuable skillset.

I learned the importance of using a rubic to assess students which helps to provide consistentsy and transparency throughout the course.

I learned with online learning, miscommunication can occur. To help minimize misunderstandings, it is important for the instructor to inidividualize thier mode of communication to each students.

I learned that understanding communication and how to ensure a communication code of conduct that is clear, consice, and encourages a learning envionrment is vital.

When it comes to choosing technology tools to utilize in an online course, we need to evaluate our options and assure that the tools align with the learning outcomes and communication goals.

In this module we need to understant there is the importance of consistency when building a course and its layout. It gives students a path to better understand the course and achieve learning objectives.

It is important for the teacher as a facilitator to engage the students in many ways and methods beyond learning.

It is important in the online environment  to establish if you will conduct a synchronis or asynchronis classroom.

So far I have learned that the use of technology tools can not only help the student but it can also assit the instructor to facilitate the best training possible. The tools we use should be reviewed to see if they are working accordingly to achieve the highest training value for the student.

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