type of people

What about the dark learners we get some that are not nice people and are conniving.really bad attiutes . generally victoms all the... >>>

Can wikis and blogs be used as media hosting sites?

I understand that wikis and blogs can be used to host media sites but then my question goes to... How to collect for the course as far as compensation goes.  Once paid how do I get the student... >>>

Planning for Engagement

I think a hurdle to planning for active engagmentrelates to using LMS and having modules for courses Some instructors do not know they can (and should) alter assignments to meet student needs and to... >>>

Assistive Technology Question

I don't understand what this means with the EL 111 Assistive Technology, " Use preset “Styles” for marking up headers and lists. Just bolding a phrase does not make it accessible.... >>>

Business students may follow Donald Trump,

"Business students may follow Donald Trump." What is being insinuated in a a comment like this? That business students can learn NOT to cheat and lie? Or does it mean something else... >>>

Do you learn by teaching others

I am always amazed at just how much I learn from my students. My area of specialty id Nephrology Nursing. Therefore, when I have students in many disciplines within our profession, it intrigues me... >>>


This has been a very informative section that will enhance my classes and allow more student... >>>


What would you like to... >>>


creating duos or three somes to tie together ideas from a lecture (10 min huddle) with 3 min to present to rest of group can often bring into play different uses of the... >>>

Technology Plays Role in online Educationa Programs

Technology plays a critical role in creating an engaging online student experience. In particular, technology influences one’s ability to adequately interact with students and be responsive to... >>>


Introverts are often defined negatively: "shy, socially withdrawn, and tend to talk less." I belive this is the case because extroversion is idealized by American culture. What could be positive... >>>


Question styles    It seems to me that  a number of questions have two possible answers and that both would besupportive. Thetheory is... >>>


Students, parents, and teachers will identify the students by their first names only. (If a parent comments, it should read “amber’s dad” instead of “Brad Moore”).... >>>

Why would you think that Oral Hygiene is important?

I would like to hear a few important points why you feel that Oral Hygiene would be important to... >>>

Ideas to increase and ensure high levels of student engagement

A few ideas that I suggest woulde be provide timely and useful feedback, have guest speakers join your class on Zoom, provide active learning opportunities. have students express their own personal... >>>

How would you effectively make suggestions when students are constantly working behind schedule?

Would anyone have suggestions or ideas of how to effectively make recommendations to students who are always working behind & not meeting the deadlines? (particularly when there are assignment due... >>>

Code of Communication Conduct

In my Marketing Class, we have a beginning of the semester activity where we develop a Class Code of Conduct - we brainstorm in small groups then bring all ideas together for the class to then develop... >>>

Edgenuity Distance Learning Platform Helpful Tips Needed

Any helpful tips for those experienced with Edgenuity Distance Learning Platform?  We had a 5 day crash course prior to beginning distance learning in March.  I have taken many of the... >>>


Do anyone have any ideas on to help retain students in distance learning... >>>