Personality colors - good summary for visual people

I am a visual-auditory learner, so I need to read/see and hear something for it to sink in. This picture looked helpful, so I am sharing it here... >>>

Engaging with Online Students

Two things I've picked up from other online instructors: 1) a Joke of the Day (not my thing, but it worked for my colleague--when I tried it, it was an effective ice breaker) 2) daily requirement... >>>

Many good resources

To help us as educators we need to often look at the work of professionals recognized. The work of Ron Clark is the example I am looking at here in thin needs covered establish rapport with students... >>>


This is an introduction to special... >>>

How to be polite

I have encountered a few students who think my responses or critiques to be rude and mean spirited. In fact, the opposite was meant but because they could not see my face or hear my nuances, certain... >>>