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Clifford Vaught

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Great information from Basic to Advanced relational writing skills - many to adopt going forward.

Students need to be prepared for the technology needs of online courses.  Campus advisors and enrollment specialists need to screen students who might need remedial technology training.  It's not my job as an instructor to know how every operating system on every phone, computer and tablet work. 

I will use the list of 7 competencies in my introductory discussion with my students.

I found it interesting that across the industry of education that efforts to retain students was moderate at best.  I know it's front and center at my institution - it's called SOS - Save Our Students.

What I liked best about this course format was that it wasn't all about things that MUST be done but you can get a sense that you're not a collossal failure as an online instructor.  It's not about all the different technological bells and whistles and the focus is on working within the LMS.  It addressed older students as well - something most of the EL classes have not done.

Online learning is not without its limitations and challenges.  Not all students are tech savvy.  Not all students are full-time.  Time Management is the biggest issue I find with my online students.

Whle I agree that students can disengage due to a predetermination that the course will be of no value - a waste of their time, there are a LOT of reasons why working adult students disengage.  There are priorities that do not apply to the full time graduate student or even the college student.  I'm not talking about football games or fraternity/sorority events - my students are typically a generation behind me - not 3.  Jobs, kids, grandkids, homes - life.  It's not all about boredom.

I can't deny the value of active learning however I do not yet see how online tools come close to the classroom environment for engaging students.  Perhaps independent research and holding mandatory Zoom sessions?

I absolutely disagree that it's not much more difficult to engage students online than in a classroom.  There is no physical presence.  Our university does not mandate Zoom participation.  When I was in the classroom I learned much about the students - before and after class and during breaks.  There is no equivalent online.

I like the survey to post in my Introductory announcements forum to take the place of a personality trait test.

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