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Online teaching is not my cup of tea. Have to dive into it because of COVID. This module has been very helpful. Some things I am already doing but needs some fine tuning to engage the students better, and to provide more constructive feedback to motivate the students. I have to let go of traditional methods of teaching and even though I'm not tech-savvy, to use some of it to reach out and engage the students.

This course made me realize even more the importance of a dedicated instructor who explores the use of strategies that keep online  learners motiveted and engaged. Developing intrinsic motivation among learners who are not personally present is quite a challenge, but with the use of interactive content, strategies like content chunking, and efficient and effective feedback, online instructors can make their students intrinsically motivated to learn and sustain their interest in the subject matter.


Studies have shown that timeliness in responding to student questions is the most important trait expected by students from a teacher. I always make sure that students are reminded frequently regarding deadlines. Always address deadlines and assignments at the start of the class as part of "housekeeping" in teaching. I also make sure that I have weekly brief one-on-one session with a student. This makes them feel special and also helps me build a better connection with the student as I inquire on how they are doing and appreciate their positive milestones. 


I'm relatively new with online instruction and this is an eye opener for me. It is important to keep the student actively involved in the learning process instead of just a passive participant. I have to be aware of the technical limitation of online instruction compare to in classroom instruction. Online instruction requires more time to engage with the student. Motivational engagement is equally important to keep the student on track.


Instructors should mix class lectures with group discussions, hands-on exercises, and independent learning to motivate and engage students in the classroom. 

This module has provided me with more ways to engage my students in both the classroom and online evironment. It has also made me do some self reflection on how to improve the methods that I am already using, plus introduce more methodologies that could greatly impact the way students engage and learn. This module is greatly appreciated!


I learned that students should be motivated to make the learninng experience more enjoyable leading to increased interest and a decrease in procrastination using a variety of methods to connect  with online students. Efficient objective feedback surely allows students to promptly unerstand the areas they need to work on and lso encourage their positive understanding of the course. It is a great idea.


I have learned that communication is key and that continuing education is equally important for students during these difficult times. Online learning is a great opportunity for students to learn outside of campus, but can also be a struggle in different households. Reaching out to students who need the most help and letting them know that it's okay to contact instructors when needed could help motivate and boost their confidence.

Students at home seem to lack the direct engage/reward mind set online. To reach students and have them get involved there has to be a structure to the material presented and a goal based program to adhere to. The students sent to engage individually on their own without mile stones to be reached will either fall behind, or not have a true gauge of progress. For each achieved section, a report on their progress delivered by them, or an activity that has to be completed by a certain time will help them have a check and balance method as they progress. One of the worse classes I ever had was a Dr. that would purely read out of the books with very little stop for emphasis on the key areas or pertinent information for the test. If the instructor would have had more structure to the lessons with set objectives, the information provided could have been better utilized on the test. 


I learnt about different ways to engage students socially and motivationally. What I found particularly exciting is the ability to create and efficient process for engaging students. I usually require a welcome thread but never really insist on students responding to each other. Students responding to posts from peers wil keep them engaged at the beginning of the class and enhance getting to know their cohort members better. One thing I will do going forward is to insist on responses. I do set a timeline for posting on the welcome thread and introducing themselves, telling us about themselves , 3 interesting facts and I use this during our first virutal meeting. I also play 2 truths and a lie and ask students to guess which is the lie as a form of Ice breaker.

Another piece ot the puzzle in engaging student is the social engagement peiece. Students will thrive when they are socially engaged in an online classroom environment so finding ways to ensure timely responses will ensure that students stay connecting and they feel appreciated as well as getting the value for their bucks.


I feel my faculty have a good ideas on how to keep students engaged, it is sometimes the extra time it takes to create various activities and also have the time to provide meaningful feedback to keep that momentum going.


We all want more engagement in our online communities. We all want our communities to be essential parts of our users’ lives. An engagedgroup can transform how an organization connects and communicates with customers, members, and employees across every stage of their journey.

This information was great and surprisingly informing. i have always struggled with keeping students engaged'now i can create ways to keep them focus and motivated. First students need to know that you care about your job, have ways students can contact you or othee staff. encourage getting to know other students and each other information. make them feel that they are a part of things


A lot of this module has made me confident in what we are doing currently. Good reminders for faculty are chunking and using different instructional methods to engage all learners,


This was precious training, helping me focus on the areas I need to improve in my teaching. Being more effective and efficient in my feedback and giving consistent reminders will be a great addition to my teaching habits. I am also sending emails to check up on students who are doing poorly. 


The concept of welcoming students from many differnt people in your organization and how important that is to make students feel not only welcome but wanted and valuable.  

I liked this course.  I think the best ideas I came away with were: weekly engagement posts in the general chat, instructional videos to back up the walkthroughs I give them on the software in case they want to refresh themselves when class isn't in session (without having to scan back through hours of video), and introductory emails sent out before the class even begins. 


    I have learned from this course it takes a lot of effort from the instructor's end to keep students engaged and that small gestures such as contact with students before the course begins matter for course success!

This is a wonderful course, I really like the tips! 


I understand it is important to keep the students engaged and for them not to procrastinate... I love the suggestions, but sometimes I feel that we are adults and they need to be accountable for their work. Nursing is a rewarding career and one who wants to bring care to the community is already motivated personally. I like the idea of putting out reminders for those of us who are taking on a lot when it comes to personal distractions.


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