Shannon Benedict

Shannon Benedict

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Online communication needs to be interactive and meaningful. The way that the instructor communicates with the students is important to help guide them and not demoralize them. 

Technology is key for online courses. Utilizing the most up to date technology will be essential for the online learning platform and student success. 


I have learned that we need to provide efficient and effective feedback for our students in order for them to be successful. 


Maintaing student privacy is important so that we are not fined and do not violate their trust. 


Online learning is so beneficial to people that are working and can complete the course on their own time. 


Keeping students motivated, engaged and interested in the course content can ensure high retention rates. 


I learned that we, as instructors, need to know the different types of personality traits that our students will have. This way we can better understand them and do better as a instructors. 


I learned about the different ION characteristics and the colors that are associated with them. 


Learning about the true colors of personality was very interesting and taught me alot about myself. Great tool to use for the students. 


This module taught me alot about the different types of personalities that everyone has. Very interestesting information and kept me very well engaged. 


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