Jonathan Musci

Jonathan Musci

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While the game is important for engagement of the learners and to help them retain information/make new memories. It is also a potential assessment tool.


This is something I do with some regularity. It is something I would like to introduce to my college students. Games and simulations have the same beneficial factors for adult learners as they do young learners.


As an educator there comes a time when students need to exhibit their skills and newly accquired knowledge by completing a game or simulation. It is key to the learning process. it fosters engagement, and can be used to assess student ability knowledge retention.

I have always believed in the use of games and simulations. It is engaging, enables students to activey participate in their learning, and helps with retention and the formation of memories.


Creating a culture of compliance is not done through one action, or a day of good actions, or even a week, but rather for the longevity of that school. It is something to always consider and strive for, and it is done through closely following certain practices regularly.


Noncompliance can only be met with a continued culture of compliance. Factual representations will be met by noncompliance at times, but continued efforts will improve the general compliance culture.


I don't think a truly substantial misrepresentation could be made on accident. I think misrepresentations can happen accidently, but if that misrepresentation somehow has a chance to majorly affect a students life and education, and there was any confusion on the part of that staff member, than that information should have been checked out and vetted. 


Misrepresentation is frightening. As an adjunct professor contracted to work part-time hours, I am not always deeply intertwinde in my College. I would never want to accidently misrepresent anything, and need to be diligent about keep up on current policies and procedures.


At our school, we do not accept certain math credits for students completing their prerequisites becuase it is critical for their instruction later. 


I actually worked on the accreditation team at my middle school. My assistant principal of curriculum at the time knew I had wanted some leadership opportunities so she put me in a group that ensured our school was meeting specific standards and indicators and we came up with evidence of this. As a title I school that relies on federal funding, we needed the accreditation to come through!

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