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Providing regular feedback, ensuring instructor presence through communication is necessary for motivating students to stay engaged throughout the online learning course.

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Hi Dahlia Yes motivation is important as it provides reason to be successful. It should be a part of an instructor's daily work.


Dr Ajmal

This module facilitated reflection on my performance and I am now motivated to continuously consider ways to engage students.

still have majority of Students who are not aligned with attempts to perform "Hands-On" assignments, but would rather remain home and miss valuable experence(s)

I have learned and reaffirmed so many things I believe about engaging students. An online environment is different. The LMS is such a critical piece. I am grateful I have worked as an instructor at my school and as teh director of distance education, becasue I feel I have learned the LMS inside and out. In addition, simple things that we regularly do at PIC need to continue based on this information. The relationships we attempt to build with students, our weekly communication, and reports all add up to student achievement. 

Online learning is a whole different mindset. It must be engaging and capture the students attention.

From this module, I've learned about various strategies for engaging online learners. I've explored the importance of social engagement, such as fostering a sense of community, encouraging collaboration, and providing opportunities for interaction. I've also delved into motivational engagement, discovering ways to motivate learners through intrinsic and extrinsic factors, such as setting clear goals, providing feedback, and creating a supportive learning environment.

switching every 20 minutes from a video clip , to the book, to the white board to draw a picture

Hola, hasta el momento he estado utilizando varias de las herramientas para mis clases virtuales como ser foros, videos, grupos de trabajo, trabajos individuales, etc. Sin embargo, creo que es importante, de acuerdo con lo aprendido en este módulo, creo que debo dedicar más tiempo a la retroalimentación aunque esto representa para mí un reto por la gran cantidad de estudiantes que tengo en mis cursos.

Otra de las cosas que me llamó la atención es la importancia de realizar una actividad al inicio del curso, ya que hasta el momento he tenido solamente un foro de presentación pero son muy pocos estudiantes que participan.

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