Handling Do-Not-Call Restrictions

Our institution updates student files by masking their Do-Not-Call number. This prohibits calls to the student at the registered number. In addition, the student is identified as being registered with... >>>

Eliciting Student Referrals

What methods of seeking student referrals from other students are appropriate, given the new... >>>

Competitive Advantages

If a student asks you how your institution compares to another competitive institution, what is a good way to respond to the... >>>

A quick self-assessment

If you’ve just completed a training course, please consider responding to the three self-assessment questions below. Your responses will help you and other participants to get a head start on... >>>

Course of Action

What is the best course of action to take when a policy has changed by a regulatory agency which affects the processing of documents or changing your policies and/or procedures. What is the general... >>>

Team Members?

What kind of of career/academic background should your internal audit members possess?... >>>

break down into groups of responsibility

In our School, I have suggested that each area has a specific area of focus and a team leader in charge that changes each quarter and works directly with our School Director. I felt like this way we... >>>

Retention of records

Does anyone know if there is a list available showing which documents may be destroyed after an acceptable period of time based on federal record-keeping requirements?... >>>

Proof of HS Diploma/GED or equivalent

The DOE accepts a student signed attestation of completion as acceptable in meeting this requirement. However, certain states and accrediting bodies require additional documentation such as an... >>>

Internal Procedures

No matter if you call it a Institutional Improvement Plan, Institutional Assessment and Improvement Plan or even just Plan, this document MUST be a living document. You should have a committee... >>>

Student records

Does anyone know why current student records must be safe from fire, flood and theft but graduate records are not subject to the same... >>>

Institute of Internal Auditors

Does anyone have experience with the Institute of Internal Auditors, and have you found thier materials, resources, courses helpful in the context of compliance auditing in the private postsecondary... >>>


Can anyone recommend a good resource(s) on the nuts and bolts of implementing a compliance program for an educational insitution specifically? There are lots of resources on internal auditing, which... >>>

How often

In your professional opinion, how often should an internal audit be... >>>

I was wondering if....

anyone out there had a great internal audit mechanism that works for their school. One that would edit all areas of school operation? Admissions, academics, financial aid, and placement???... >>>


Response and Follow-up is a huge part of the methodology for internal auditing, as the corrective action plan should address specific items that must be done as well as formulate a plan to ensure the... >>>


Do you think it is better to audit all departments at the same time or audit a different department each... >>>

Compliance and size of career school

Do you think that small schools - less than 250 students - should be subject to the same burden of regulatory requirements as larger schools? Schools with larger / multiple campuses typically have... >>>

Corrective Action Plans

Describe what should be included in a corrective action plan submitted by a campus or department in response to audit findings. Include specific topics/items that you would want to see for each... >>>

Compliance in Business Areas

Selecting one of the business areas covered – marketing, human resources, or information security, describe how critical the business function is to creating a compliant culture in an... >>>