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Rita Palasek

Location: dayton ohio

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Classroom and Online Instructor

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Miami Jacobs Career College Dayton, Ohio

Miller-Motte Online Division, Wilmington North Carolina

Customer Service Representative, Limited Brands


swimming, sewing, cats


strong savvy computer user


What was your worst first day ever?

I have a Field Trip presentation on Voicethread for the Field Trip. Students remark about seeing the information on the slides, and listening to the comments I make during the presentation about these slides. I think for everyone in general, watching a video is relaxing, and easy listening. I love that it is a way to facilitate learning.

Lesson Plans are very effective, and helps the class run according to schedule. Students who comment too much, can be silenced for the sake of time and time asking questions are limited and extended to after class. 

Thanks Walt!

I find that students do not do well on a MYITLab Grader Project after completing 4 Project/Skill-Based Trainings in one chapter of the submject on a simulator. They have to read the instruction sheet to complete a project, and without the 'Help' or 'Show Me', they are lost.

I listened to a comedian last week at one of my professional development seminars and he tore up these categories. He brought it all down to, “Change is good for old people”, that’s how he said it!

I truly believe in the learning styles of the different generations. Being a good listener is what attracts people to us.


Hello Robert Starks,

I believe what you say that 9 out of 10 don't know which school they want to attend. I have this dilemma in choosing a doctorate school. Am I going to enroll because one school is cheaper than the other?

I love that we are required to have trainings that "recharge our batteries" to do a better job teaching our students. I think it’s refreshing to attend Professional Development seminars/speakers and attend the in-services. At our in-services, many times other instructors share what they know and use in the classroom, much of which I have never thought of using before.

Really appreciate that we have guidelines to follow; it helps make us better at what we do!

Although many students can immediately point out what is wrong, but does the student really understand how many hours of preparation goes into what we do? Instructors do not have anyone to verify their work, until it gets to the desks of the students. 

Students are the first to complain when their grades drop, but do they realize that it takes a constant, steady effort to get good grades and get 100% every time?

Has anyone had a student call them names, or flame them in front of other students? Is this acceptable? Is your reaction immediate or do you… >>>

I think the school needs to have Skype installed on the school computers, if the instructors are required to connect with students enrolled in their online classes. Many online students come to campus to use the school computers because they cannot afford a computer, or home Internet.

I think having a ‘chat’ with the Instructor in Moodle would be easier to keep the student in Moodle, and not have them go out to Skype, where there might be other distractions.

Has anyone asked permission to use a different ‘chat’ application? If so, what are you using?

Online Instructors what are… >>>

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