on-site first visit from Department of Education Florida

I would like to receive some ideas of what to expect on the first on-site visit at the campus for annual license with the  CIE Florida. I apprecaite if some of you can share your experience.... >>>

HE101 Higher Education in the US

Completed the first Postsecondary Education Training HE101 Higher Education in the US training.... >>>

Federal Regulations on Misrepresentation

The regulations on misrepresentation are to help protect the potential students.  What is your experiences with... >>>

Financial Aid and ADmissions

Did I understand that a student MUST be allowed to meet with financial aid before applying if they want to?  Why?  Is this a federal, state, or accreditation rule?  Please inform... >>>

Students with Disabilities: Legal Obligations and Opportunities

Hello Everyone,   I believe this course is vital to every faculty's training. It is very important for us to understand the legality when it comes to teaching or providing accomodation to our... >>>

Records to be included on the student record

I completely forgot that any information between a professor (faculty member) and one of our counselors (academic advisor) must be included in the student record when it is asked for. Very good... >>>

For Profit

This course was a good review of information for the for profit... >>>


When I was teaching on Campus, I had a student with disabilites. Often times her mother would leave her on campus for several hours after classes ended. It seemed unusual. When the student had to go... >>>

how to learn specifics on compliance

I enjoy taking these FAPCS courses nut sometimes we have a very specific question on how to validate compliance issues. How can we find specific answers after training is... >>>


Great information for people working for a "for-profit"... >>>

Good Information

It is never to late to learn new methods or skills ;no matter how long one been... >>>

For Profits - Very Informative

This lession provided a very good overview of for profit colleges.  I found it extremely informative. Mr.... >>>

Special considerations

There are students with dusabilities not easy to idrntify. How to proceed with those cases if the student is not openly... >>>


This course should be reviewed by everyone. FERPA regulations are presented in a manner that is understandable and... >>>

Compliant Communications with Students - Raising the Bar!

This traning has really reminded me of all of the changes that have taken place in the education field since the safe harbor laws were updated to more specific standards in the education field. ... >>>


I find the concept of Universal Design to be an intelligent way to include an upgrade on a campus that benefits... >>>


I am glad we have this measures such as FERPA in place for our... >>>

Admission Requirements in Texas by TWC and TDLR?

I am opening my first cosmetology/esthetics/nail tech/massage school and it will be opening in Texas. I am a novice and need some help. I see on here that Admissions must be in the guidelines of the... >>>

Answering if a student is present

If a family member or friend calls to see if a student is present at the school can you answer their... >>>