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what learned



I learned that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity free of discrimination and different treatment because of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or preference, etc. We have to be diligent and aware of what to do if we see this and how to report it. 


Programmatic Accreditation

Programmatic accreditation is important for students because it ensures them the academic program they are participating in are meeting the the educational standards. 

Title IV

Not all schools qualify for Title IV, interesting.

Vital Information

What were your takeaways from this class?

my opinion

Regulatory compliance is the essential is everybodys responsibility

Helpful insight

What is the most important takeaway from the course?

learned about the age

I was unsure about the age limits for Ferpa so this training helped me.


Great information. We all have to remember FERPA when talking about students or to students and others. 

Great Information

Great Information 


Very informative and useful


Great resource to learn more about FERPA, Title I, and Title II acts.

Great Training

I really did learn a few things that will be helpful


After taking this couse its great to know that my campus is on track with all the safety dills and compliance mandates. Informative information.


Very informative on how FERPA protects our students rights!


Regulatory compliance is the essential.


The students rights are protected and parents have little or no say even if they are paying the student’s tuition. 
what is your prospective from a student’s point of view or from the paying parent’s point of view and do you feel either rights are being violated?

Lana Palacios HE106C

I found it very informative. It's great to know that FERPA protects the rights of students while they attend school. It is important for us to keep this updated .


The FERPA regulations have helped to keep our college/university campuses safer.  The plans must be updated frequently as different situations arise


I found it very informative. It's great to know that FERPA protects the rights of students while they attend school. That is one less thing to worry about for many students. 


student privacy