Directory Information

Why is date of birth included in Directory Information? That seems as private as any of the other important exceptions. It doesn't make... >>>

Substantial Misrepresentation vs Misrepresentation

Can someone give me examples of Misrepresentation vs. Substatntial... >>>

The video does not load

This video does not load. Even with purchased adobe... >>>


Trying to find the balance between being firm with your standards and giving some wiggle room is often times difficult to... >>>

Forum 1

This course was a General teaching of admissions role and expectations, along with information on fair costumer practices and key... >>>

Quiz 2

I had some difficulty in convincing myself answer to the first... >>>

Institution Course

this course is very informational and easy to empliment into the enviorment at my... >>>

Can you still qualify?

If you have a history of a severe condition, however you no longer suffer from it - can you still qualify for ADA... >>>

Great Training

Great and logical information. Easy to understand and very well explained. Thank... >>>

CM 107 Cultural/ Accreditation

This course was very informative and lended great insight on the state and federal government's role in the academic arena. The culture of the campus plays a signifcant role in the outcomes of the... >>>

Culture of Compliance

Cultural diversity is a great as its shape and form the core values of the institution so as to understand where each and individual was coming from. It's unique and... >>>

Good Refresher

I enjoyed the course - a little long, but a good refresher... >>>


The instructor has influences with the students view by projecting true trust... >>>

CM 107

I have no questions at this... >>>

Triade of Accreditation

I need am in need of a preceptor in this area, I lack knowledge about a lot of the accrediating bodies and requirement.  This has been a big learning curve as we are in the ACEN accrediation... >>>


I really enjoyed the information in this... >>>

The many sectors of compliance

With multiple aspects of compliance being looked towards, how can a new employee, student, or administator ensure all areas of compliance are being met at all... >>>

Noon-compliant peers

What are some ways to address the issue of peers that are... >>>