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I don't see the rationale behind a parent being denied access to his or her college student's school records after age 18 without permission from the student. Doesn't this amount to responsibility without rights?


Do you consider that the compliance system can distort the educational purposes of higher education institution?

Admissions Staff Training Program

I liked the organizational tips provided for an Admissions Representative. 


This is extremely important in education.  Students knowing you will not violate their rights know they can trust you.


I had not realized that a disclosure was a written document.  I also did not realize the difference between the state level and federal level.  This was most enlightening.

Topic Training

Training as a Admission Director require good training. 


In this module I learned that all schools are different, and every school does not have the same type of student services. When you are looking for a school it's very important that you aware of what your protentional school has to offer because some schools offer services that other schools may not. 


In this module I learned the importance of organization and how it's very important to properly organize the student's files and agreements. It's also good to read the institution catalog and familiarize myself with it. 

Discussion about module

In this module I learn about the importance of a few topics. Mantaining a updated resource book, working in an accredited institution, knowiing the transfer credits policies. Finally the questions I can ask to gain more info about the institution. 

Discussion of module

I learn that the best way to know more information and give a correct orientation is networking with other staff members and directors. Not only networking, also you can read the catalog, sit on classes and ask about students offers in the institution. 

Discussion of module

In this module I understand that is important to have knowledge about you institution requirements before call your prospective student. To be prepared before an orientation is important to have a check list.

Discussion about modules

From this module I learn that you have to be an expert and be familirized with your institution information, so you can provide correct orientation to propectives students. 

Be careful of misrepresentation

When sharing information, be knowledgable and accurate.  Students can quote and misquote the instructor.


Giving students accurate information

Be specific when giving information and avoid exaterations of the school or programs offered.

Avoid suprelatives as discussed.  Be honest, and positive.


If you don't know the answer, ask someone never give incorrect information.

Good information

I thought that the federal government was responsible for governing public colleges and universities.  Now I know that there are four levels of oversights.



This is a good refresher course.  It is important for teachers, not just administration, to know who can have access to students' records.


Great information on FERPA.


I am currently an admissions director of a college, and this course will be very helpful. 


admissions  policy  is of vital importance and I inted tobe aware of the rules and regulations to update my person periodically, keep a resource  notebook to keep it update with divider, so that you can easily come back to it when you have a question about and policy,  rule or regulation