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Ask a question from your peers to help you in your professional work. Seek different points of view on a topic that interests you. Start a thought-provoking conversation about a hot, current topic. Encourage your peers to join you in the discussion, and feel free to facilitate the discussion. As a community of educators, all members of the Career Ed Lounge are empowered to act as a discussion facilitator to help us all learn from each other.

Nationally Accredited Programs

Nationally accredited programs must comply with specific requirements, such as national board pass rates, which demand that only students who demonstrate the ability to succeed be admitted into the individual programs.  Admitting students based on a financial goal undermines the individual programs and ultimately leads to the programs' demise. A better plan is to build a solid reputation by carefully screening students being admitted to ensure 100% pass rates, and develop other non-accredited programs for students who need more time to develop the skills needed to succeed, or to introduce them to other opportunities.  

Traits of a Good Leader

Why is important to learn what makes a good leader? 


Doing the right thing even when no one is looking!

Applying Knowledge

It's very important to appy what we learn so we can all be able to share information that is correct. 


What do you do when you see someone cheating?

Build trust together

Lets make this a workplace we are not only proud to be a part of but also are happy to attend.

Knowledge for Instructors

As  an instructors I enjoyed taking this course. I learned more information concerning Funding for students, as well as the role of Financial Aid, as well as admissions, Placement, student transfer, etc. This will be helpful to me when a student ask me questions concerning various questions.

What does culture mean to you?

Work culture should be a set of guidelines that help employees learn their role and how to uphold company morale.


It is importnat to understand, review, and adhere to policies and regulations. Compliance helps to manintain clarity and consistency, as well as to avoid unintentional mistakes; Setting the institution, faculty, and students up for success.

New way of learning

As  a instructor it is important that i adapt all learning methods in class. Students are evolving, they are not the same student from 2000's  we are in a new era and student are getting the updated information form twitter and Instagram. Keeping a student attention can be quite difficult 


Can be confusing


What is compliance

Importance of Compliance

 Believing that your knowledge  and following your schools mission helps echance student's ability to succeed. 


it is not only the rigt thing to do but also the law


As an instructor, I need to understand school policies and procedures in order to create an acceptable learning environment for the student's success.

Role of Leadership

A great leader allows the employees and staff to share their ways of thinking to benefit everyone. It is the responsibility of a leader to find the balance so it will result to an effective results.

Instructor Role

I am an instructor it is my responsibility to understand my school mission, and the states requirements, for the student to suceed in the program of their choice, to gainfully become employed in the field chosen.

The student's total school experience.

I found this course to be a great source of information for everyone.  I tend to be so involved in the academic side of the student's education that I sometimes don't think about the student's experience in our school in its entirety.  I'm g;ad to be refreshed on these topics.

Compliance 107

Important information explaining the compliance standards of the school. Told me more about why the inspections are so important.

Compliance 107

Compliance is important for the school and the student success