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Great section

I really enjoyed this section. It was very informative and enlightening. 

staying up to date and compliant

when you are up to date on policies and make sure that things are compliant your job is more understandable and can help you get better results 

understanding your institution

A lot of great information i learned that there is much more advertising needed for school than i ever expected.

Great Tips

I really enjoyed reading this module. I learned that keeping a resource notebook is a great way to stay organized, as well with assisting me with my daily duties. I loved all of the tips and I will be utilizing them. I think having a notebook handy with all the information is extremely helpful. 

process and paperwork

ive learned that there is a lot of paper work and information that needs to be  understood and done correctly to ensure a smooth process 

what I've learned

That i am able to make my own resources to help me understand and complete my job correctly 

Admissions Staff Training Program

Describing methods for staying up-to-date in all areas of the institution, including program offerings, job placement rates for each program , employment projections, and other relevant industry information. 

What I have learned

I’ve learned that it is very important to be knowledgeable about Admissions policies and many other protocols 


In this module I was able to learn about the different advertising methods that each institution uses to attract that future student to enroll in our institution. I also learned that I should have knowledge about what study program offers, what we offer as an institution and the information I need to know to be able to answer any type of student concern 


From this module I learned that I must take into account that in the interview process I must make sure to have all the information on hand for any possible question that the student or parent may have when signing the contract. 


in this module i learned that as admission representatives we must to know absolutely everything about the institution in which we work in order to be able to give clear and precise information to that future candidate (student) since in the prequalificaton process it is the moment when where the future student makes the decision whether to preceed to enroll or cancel everything. For this reason this module showed me that i must be fully trained with all the updates information to be able to bring the correct information to future students. 

Course Overview

I have learned that understanding Florida Statutes or the lack thereof and how it can impact our business both positively and negatively.  Very interesting.

Admission Staff Training Post

Thus far, this training has provided guidance on proper procedures. I found the most used out of the terms definitions. 

Admissions Staff Training Program

What I have learnt is just how important learning and taking the training program is before actually doing the job so that way I can know how to effectively do my job within the guidelines.

Legal Obligation s & Opportunities

My discussion relates to one of the quiz questions  under "Legal Obligations and Opportunities."

For the student who has Asperger's syndrome, there was no information about whether reasonable accommodations were provided to him. A decision was to be made based solely on the information provided.

I know that students with liabilities in higher learning institutions should be held accountable for their actions/ violations. However, I keep asking myself, if reasonable accommodation(s) was provided for the student.

Am I overthinking this?

I am not disputing the correct answer on the quiz because it seemed more logical than the other choices.

Any… >>>


We are located in Puerto Rico and Florida. What happen if in the future we hire professor form others state? 

So Far, I Have Learned . . .

So far, I have learned the importance of using the correct terms in the admissions process. My participation within the institution as an admissions representative and how I am perceived in this position. The statutes governing Florida, the purpose, and the commission for independent education. 

Effective Commercial Email

What makes a commercial email effective?

Admission decision

Is important to share with the prospects the correct information before they were admitted, this help in their development during study.


informing rather than persuading

It's important when interacting with students that we are thoroughly knowledgeable about what we are discussing.  If we aren't, get someone who is, and learn from the discussion.  We also should limit our speech to informative, and not try to persuade the student as this might be misconstrued.