Be prepared at all times

This information can be used during faculty and staff meetings to set the tone to be ready for inspections at any... >>>

Accrediting bodies

Who are CCC accediting bodies?  Do we have regional, national, and... >>>


This is very important to get reminders on this information and to know we would like our information protected so its just as important to protect the student information and their... >>>


I loved the knowledge  and help with being an instructor, was great... >>>

Take away

its  impretive for all department to understand all parts of the company and know the changes as they happens... >>>


Intensive and educational... >>>

Directory Information

Why is date of birth included in Directory Information? That seems as private as any of the other important exceptions. It doesn't make... >>>

Substantial Misrepresentation vs Misrepresentation

Can someone give me examples of Misrepresentation vs. Substatntial... >>>

The video does not load

This video does not load. Even with purchased adobe... >>>


Trying to find the balance between being firm with your standards and giving some wiggle room is often times difficult to... >>>

Forum 1

This course was a General teaching of admissions role and expectations, along with information on fair costumer practices and key... >>>

Quiz 2

I had some difficulty in convincing myself answer to the first... >>>

Institution Course

this course is very informational and easy to empliment into the enviorment at my... >>>

Can you still qualify?

If you have a history of a severe condition, however you no longer suffer from it - can you still qualify for ADA... >>>

Great Training

Great and logical information. Easy to understand and very well explained. Thank... >>>

CM 107 Cultural/ Accreditation

This course was very informative and lended great insight on the state and federal government's role in the academic arena. The culture of the campus plays a signifcant role in the outcomes of the... >>>

Culture of Compliance

Cultural diversity is a great as its shape and form the core values of the institution so as to understand where each and individual was coming from. It's unique and... >>>

Good Refresher

I enjoyed the course - a little long, but a good refresher... >>>


The instructor has influences with the students view by projecting true trust... >>>