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The Admissions Process and Paperwork

In admissions, knowing your role terminology and staying updated is vital. Clear admissions criteria, aligned with regulations, are essential. Catalogs and enrollment agreements must follow the rules. Accurate enrollment agreements are legally binding. The financial aid must explain thoroughly and manage student files according to guidelines.

Essentials of Admissions Staff Training Program

Understanding my job title, mastering important terms, utilizing resources effectively, and prioritizing ongoing learning - will undoubtedly contribute to my effectiveness and growth within the realm of admissions. My commitment to these principles will help me navigate the complexities of the field and offer the best possible support to both applicants and my institution.

Important Information

General guidelines for admission-

Consumer Information Checklist

This Consumer Information Audit Checklist published by FSA serves as a calendar "tickler" system to audit for compliance with Consumer Information reporting.  

Federal Student Aid

Federal Student Aid - William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program Reconciliation _ Knowledge Center


Google+ or any other Shared Learning Community - Keep it Private

Many instructors like me who have used, now defunct, Google+ Communities as a SHARED-LEARNING platform for my students.  In the process of creating a Learning Community, the G+ platform asked the creator, you, if the community was to be viewed and accessed by the PUBLIC, by only the students in the class, or by the entire educational institution.  Obviously, the PUBLIC access option should NOT be even considered.  You as an instructor do not want info about students, their photos, their views, and any other personal info out there in the cloud for anyone to see and probably misuse.  Whether… >>>

How does this help me?

I wrote this op-ed for my previous university's Teaching Institute.  The focus of this essay is to promote student-centric learning.