In a repack situation, how would the student's financial aid be "prorated" What does it... >>>


If a student is inquiring about the school (but has not yet applied) and reveals that they may be in default on previous student loans can NSLDS be checked with their... >>>

Compliance Training

I believe even faculty have to train in this... >>>


Compliance training is critical for our industry- this training was so important for all we do in to help assist students. I highly suggest that anyone interested in the changes in July take this... >>>


The section was clear and informative- easy to read and adopt practices for compliance training to the... >>>

Regarding Median loan debt

Regarding the median loan debt...does the school need to provide this information in various formats or just... >>>

Student Criminal Backgrounds

Students will complete programs even though they know that their negative background screenings may prevent them from getting jobs in the their fields of study. In the long run it hurts the programs'... >>>

Making an informed decision

As a service provider it is our responsibility to inform the customer in our instance the prospective students the pros and cons about the institution and the program they are about or interested to... >>>

Non-monetary Motivational Strategies

What can managers do to motivate employees given the additional federal restrictions with elimination of the "safe... >>>

Eliciting Student Referrals

What methods of seeking student referrals from other students are appropriate, given the new... >>>

Competitive Advantages

If a student asks you how your institution compares to another competitive institution, what is a good way to respond to the... >>>

Handling Do-Not-Call Restrictions

How does your institution track which students they are allowed (or not allowed) to call based on the Do-Not-Call... >>>

Comparison Calculator

How does the proposed comparison calculator... >>>

Misrepresentation of Expected Income

Is it permissable for an instructor to divuldge what he/she has made in their career to students enrolled in the course, or should it be handled in general... >>>

For Placement Rates

What is the difference between calculating placement rates on a Program Basis / Program Level versus calculating placement rates at the institutional... >>>

Non-monetary Motivational Strategies

What can managers do to motivate employees given the additional federal restrictions with elimination of the "safe... >>>

Catalog Information

Which topics from your school catalog do you most frequently reference in your daily... >>>

Home Schooling

When presented with a home school diploma, is it mandatory in the state of Florida to provide... >>>

Financial Aid

It seems as though the main area that should be routinely internally audited would be financial aid because of all of the components and specifics. Do you think that this is the... >>>


My school does a great job of training and providing employees with information about rules and regulations.  This course offered great information, and did refresh me on some material that I... >>>