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I believe an organization that utilizes trust and transparency throughout its mission statement, is one worth working at. 

I learnt that audits should be fact based and not rely on assumptions & resolutions should be made, depending on the issue that needs to be rectified it can take a year or more to resolve.

Knowledge of all programs offered and the importance of continued education and compliance for all members.  

I've learned the importance of knowing the terms when it comes to the admissions process. 

There is a difference in Title IX and VAWA as to jurisdiction in terms of locality of the violative act incurred. 

All reports indicative of sexual harrassment or related incident must be promptly investigated.

It is important to maintain a resource notebook as a reference guides on position titles within the organization, various policies and have an understanding of the terms related to the institution that relate to my role. 

I have learnt about the different timeframes with which a school can retain documents. I did not know that retaining old files is not required but if you do, they are subject to review.

I learnt that the Date of Determination for a student intending to withdraw is the date when the administration is notified or when the student completes the first step required in the formal withdrawal process. Another takeaway is that transfer credits vary from institution to institution. 

My take away was the structuring of audit programs. We cannot audit all departments at once but we can create a risk assessment and identify areas which pose most rick to the company if corrections aren't made. However, I think it is best to keep your department in order during the daily day to day activities so when internal audit is underway there are minimal adjustments needed.

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