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I learned so far that: meetings and ongoing training are very important to the continued professional development of an admission representative

So far I learned that: An institution can decide on any marketing strategy that it feels will be effective, as long as it follows Fair Consumer Practices.

So far, I learned that typically you can provide some information about tuition assistance

Hello, with this first bite of the course and I already learned that the Admission Staff Training is not a one- time requiriments. It's always necessary to keep up to date with the new regulations and policies.

The resource notebook requires continual updates and must maintain critical information, which will ensure to make everyone's lives easier.

I learned that the student services is a vital service that attracts and helps prospective students.

I learned that you must be keep the application files and maintaining transparency is the key factor to enrolling students to the school.

I learned that it is important to keep an up to date admission policies and procedures.

Student confidentiality is very important and should be maintained at all times under the FERPA law. 

Audits should be based on facts 

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