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For Profit | New comment by Lorena Samuel

Great summary. It helped me have a better perspective of the organization I am working for.  

HE115 Course | New comment by Veronica Bass

I have greater clarity, and insight into the mission, purpose and prevailing motives of for-profit colleges after this overview.


Students with Disabilities: Legal Obligations and Opportunities | New discussion by Cassandre Milien

Hello Everyone,   I believe this course is vital to every faculty's training. It is very important for us to understand the legality when it comes to teaching or providing accomodation to our s...

learning Games | New blog by Yanira Navarro

Does anyone know any good web sites for Learning stradegies

Records to be included on the student record | New comment by Lakithia Hogens

I too did not realize this.  I'm sure information exchanged between program leadership and instructors regarding a student should also be documented.  Where I teach, we have a great tool...

HE115 Course | New comment by Volmar Stephenson

I enjoyed listening and watching this video. I understand the purposes of a  Profit Institution.

HE115 | New blog by Ricardo Galinato

Informative but more applicable to Investors

Working with integrity | New blog by Miriam Semendy

One of the best things that compliance teaches us is the fact that we are accountable. This course certainly highlights the vast network that is like a running wheel- in constant motion. Every departm...

For Profit | New comment by Miriam Semendy

Profit based colleges certainly have an inter-connecting web that all of us need to understand.