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Honesty, clarity and following our state guidelines and procedures are key when interacting with potential students. This also protects the integrity of the college or university.

the best I can educational support the student the better. Have all accurate policies and  information available and do not promise anything regarding a guaranteed job.

I learning that a good admissions process includes what will be offered to assist the student after graduation. Such as alumni services, job placement information, career services, etc. 

One thing I learned of great importance is that each agent must be registered with the state licensing agency and this registration must be renewed each year. 

I understand that I am responsible to be the expert on my program. I need to be organized and informed regarding all of our outreach paperwork, advertising, catalog, agreements, Financial Aid, etc. Always be open and honest with the student and provide the correct information. 

The best way of conducting business and working with a potential and or current student is to always be truthful and compliant and follow the rules and regulations.  

Communication, teaching and understanding the policies is essential in understanding the polices and procedures that will help to guide practice. 

rules and polices are implemented to provide practice guidelines 

I learned about admissions terminology.

My understanding from this section is to follow all rules and compliance standards set by the instituion especially when it comes to students and keeping the institution open.  Staying honest and not lying or embellishing information is vital to the success of a college/university.  Reply   ...  

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