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Records to be included on the student record | New discussion by rosa valera

I completely forgot that any information between a professor (faculty member) and one of our counselors (academic advisor) must be included in the student record when it is asked for. Very good course...


HE115 Course | New blog by Maria Jimenez

I really enjoyed watchng this video. I learned the difference between Profit and Non Profit. All the infomation given to us was very useful for the upcoming future I am preparing. 


For Profit | New comment by Grace Gloster

Yes, I agree since I work for a profit college.


For Profit | New discussion by Patricia St. John

This course was a good review of information for the for profit colleges. 

Great Info... | New comment by Steven Newton

Good Course


Great Info... | New blog by Tiffany Jones

I now understand more about the difference in the trypes of for profit institutions.

cm102 | New blog by Taku Yamamoto

good information regarding recruitment and financial situations.

Concern | New discussion by Marie Moran

When I was teaching on Campus, I had a student with disabilites. Often times her mother would leave her on campus for several hours after classes ended. It seemed unusual. When the student had to go ...

how to learn specifics on compliance | New discussion by Guadalupe Banuls

I enjoy taking these FAPCS courses nut sometimes we have a very specific question on how to validate compliance issues. How can we find specific answers after training is over?

Feedback | New blog by Sandi Delevante

Great session and training opportunity for managers and academic leaders.