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I believe i had good information ,that we have to report immediately of any harassment  happened  in the institute to the IX coordinator and find quick respond to control the situation  and make many  steps to make sure that it will not rehappen againe by finding the week spots that led to that to occur . 

NO RETALIATION!!!. everyone should be free and comfortable to report bad behavior.

offences must be reported at all times regardless of where it occurred. policies must be in forced to create a better and safer society.

many bad thing can and do happen on campuses. any type of sexual harassment, sexual crimes should all be reported and encouraged to report it. no retribution should be given for reporting such conduct either. The presence of and training title IV coordinators should be of most importance to help our staff and students.

Having updated information is essential for the admission process

Having a good marketing strategy is essential to offer the different programs and reach the target audience.

It is one of the most important parts of the admission process since it describes everything related to the service acquired.

It is necessary to know about the regulations for carrying out admissions and the requirements of the personnel who will carry it out.

I didn't think about people with disabilities really want to be known for their abilities.   As a society we need to view people with disabilities in a more broad viewpoint than how they present

I realize now that fire alarms have flashing lights so the people that are hard of hearing can be alerted.   I didn't know that closed caption was now mandatory on televisions.  Now when I see a desk that is lower than the rest it is for people in wheelchairs so they are able to use them.

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