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Regulatory Triad is something new to me as I have been in higher education for years. It allows the school to have structure and the importance of each of the separate regulations. 

I have learned that badges and user numbers should not be used as access elements for accessing information, and that each student should be duly authorized to have access to their information, that there are only exceptions such as emergencies and minors.

Building a foundation of trust is important because it bridges the gap between confusion and understanding. Compliance is all about respect and setting forth the companies expectations.

I now better understand and can differentiate between animals that provide a needed service and animals that provide emotional support.

To make students understand how different parts of speech work in creating sentences. I color-coded the Subject and the Predicate.

It is similar to diagramming sentences, which is out of fashion now but which helped strengthen students' writing skills.

It is important to follow guidelines in marketing and remain compliant in enrollment procedures. 

I've learned to have a checklist and the importance of thorough completion of student files. 

We should not make guarantees of employment and the importance of compliance. 

Accuracy and truth in adversitisng is important as well as full disclosure about costs etc. to the student. 

Beint transparent with student about requirements is very important

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