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It's Important to know all of the documentations and all kinds of policy your institution has for the student and also be organized so you can find all the regulations that you have to follow

It's important to understand the policy and the compliance while working for an University. Workers should follow regulations and also focus on using correct verbiage in their roles. 

It is important to keep aware of how your school is marketing and social media posts to make sure they are compliant.

The importance of delivering clear and accurate information to all applicants, online enrollment guide and rules. 

Always be compliant and transparent. The Rules and Regulations protect the student and the school.

Take your time to learn the rules and regulations. Be sure to represent the school properly.

I learned how important for prospective students to get all the necessary information an institution has to offer before they make their choice of university.  

In this module, I learned the difference between Florida and Illinois policies regarding financial need and interview processes. 

During this module, I have learned that keeping a checklist will make it easier to stay on track and not forget important information. 

In this section, I have learned that it is important to connect with other departments. It will allow me the opportunity to better understand what the university offers and how it functions.

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