Building a Wellness Module

I will give the students time to ask questions about any of the assignments and material im covering for that day or... >>>

Best Practices and Success

I have learned that it is important to is important to sustain a culture. It is not only appropraite but it is just the right thing to do. It is also important to build trust with students. It is not... >>>

Wow,Great information

You are probably thinking that there is much to learn in your job as an admissions representative, Agent, or recruiter. You need to know the rules that affect you that are required by the Florida... >>>


Follow your mission statement and do the right thing. Stay in... >>>

Useful and enlightening information

The rights of information sharing is clearly explained with great examples. This is quite important especially for those in the education... >>>

Accurate Representation

Substantial misrepresentation is something that really stuck with me in regards to this lesson. It is important to represent the school in an accurate manner to prevent students from being misled and... >>>

Great Training

This training was easy to nagivate and understand. Thank... >>>


All individual have the right to persuit higher education inspite of personal... >>>

flipped classroom application

A well rounded instructor can use flipped method with traditional for best... >>>

Cultural Compliance

This couldnt have came at a better... >>>

Max Knowledge Training

This course is always helpful and a great refresher.
This course helps you to stay in... >>>

Create your own document and scroll a lot

This is a lot of information to take in, so I recommend taking copious notes to ensure that you have a reference point once you move past the lesson. Also, don't neglect to scroll down as far as you... >>>

Assessment in the lab environment

I have use different aspects to evaluate students in the nursing skill lab.  Oral assessment along with physical participation in the assessement.  I have used simulation using the virtual... >>>


I like to help students achieve there education goals and go the extra mile but stayin in compliance. Always do the right... >>>

Keep Current and Think First

The headline is a common statement. To apply the principles of a culture of compliance:

I would keep myself well-informed on policies. procedures, regulations, documented school metrics and... >>>


I enjoyed the study on Culture of Compliance.  The information was very informative and crucial to our continued... >>>


Always work hard, treat others the way you want to be treated. Always... >>>


I feel I can use the learning tools  to enrich my teaching skills and give the students a better outlook on their education and job... >>>


PTSD is a major issue that needs to be fully understood by all educators.  Regular training and inservice should be provided to all educators in  the implementation of intervations to... >>>