Keep Current and Think First

The headline is a common statement. To apply the principles of a culture of compliance:

I would keep myself well-informed on policies. procedures, regulations, documented school metrics and... >>>


I enjoyed the study on Culture of Compliance.  The information was very informative and crucial to our continued... >>>


Always work hard, treat others the way you want to be treated. Always... >>>


I feel I can use the learning tools  to enrich my teaching skills and give the students a better outlook on their education and job... >>>


PTSD is a major issue that needs to be fully understood by all educators.  Regular training and inservice should be provided to all educators in  the implementation of intervations to... >>>

student placement

I have learned alot from being here at Concorde Career College and learning how to work with many students of different backgrounds and how to place them onto faciltiies that will syute them best... >>>


I have learned how critical for an institution and its faculty to adhere to not only reguilatory but also good ethical practices fo rthe benefit of the students. How the school conducts its operation... >>>


I try to avoid using superlatives when discussing step up schools with a student and recommend that they research the school and make an appointment to see a potential school repp to discuss their... >>>

Do the Right Thing from The Start

We are working in a field that is under the microscope every day.  Between Federal Audits, and USDOE, one has to think twice.  I say, "Do it right from the start" will bring dividend. ... >>>

Well organized course

This is a well organizaed course. Anyone teaches online should take this course to enhance his/her online teachiong... >>>

A Safety Shield and Protector

Many instructors like me who have used, now defunct, Google+ Communities as a SHARED-LEARNING platform for my students.  In the process of creating a Learning Community, the G+ platform asked the... >>>

CM 251

I think it is very valuable training and it is important that you provide all students with supports and everything we can to help them be... >>>


When in doubt I always ask my director.... >>>

Being ready for a suprise inspection

I am constintly suprised at how often i find my military training crossing over for the civilian world. The course I took spoke about being ready for an onsite inspection and alot of it I thought was... >>>

Stay in compliance

Be aware of the regulations to be accurate in discussing programs with your students, or know who to go to for the most updated... >>>

humor always wins

im a firm believer that laughters the best... >>>

CM141 Feedback

This was a very thorough and a very necessary training. I plan to fully apply what I learned in FERPA training by applying fully practicing student confidentiality in all of my interactions with my... >>>

Neumont College

I hear a variety of great conversations with students in the Admissions office and when I call directly to students I am given a specific... >>>