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Great course

I found this course to be helpful starting out as an instructor.


I have learned that an admissions representative requires on-going training. Whether it is to renew certifications to stay ahead of updates or notifications or being aware of important changes that can affect our daily work routine, it is imperative to consistently increase our knowledge. Additionally, having a notebook to record training materials, in order to reference at a later date will help to train other staff members as well.

FERPA for Faculty

I found this YouTube video useful in learning more about FERPA


What I learned in this training module, is the importance of frequent and on going training with your admissions staff. Not just mandatory training needed for certification, but continuing training with your staff as often as possible. Create the necessary time through the work week to accomplish this, and do not cut corners when it comes to time. Make this the standard and culture of your department. 


I plan to implement all that I learned today. I truly pride myself on being integral and honest at all times in life in general. I will make sure that I am making sure I serve the students genuinely and appropriately, as well as the institution. 

Dental Assistant

When I first became a DA I lived in Illinois. and some years ago I decided to relocate to Florida I had to retake my test to receive my certification from Florida. So as my own personal experiences I know for a fact a lot of times credits or certifications are not accepted from one state to another. I also know some things that are require from one state from another may differ for example. Cord packing was not allowed for assistants to do in Illinois as it is in Florida. Every state required something different.

Distance Education

One of our biggest success is had a great as team work to keep attached to their  process. We validate that every case discussed had been resolve with the integration of our policies and regulations to keep in compliance.

In our case as one of our campus has the online modality, we must ensure to keep the documents secure in digital copy. and implement Ferpa Law to every single process.  We do plan keep improving  our reports to maintain our internal audits more simple structured and accurate as we do grow. .


Treat others how you want to be treated! Lead by example and be transparent in all that you do and say...

Education equals compliance

Education others will improve compliance

Culture of Compliance

Every course, is full of wonderful information, but I feel that I learned alot after taking " A Culture of Compliance".  A bottom line is, that all school personel needs " to do the right thing" when it comes to responding to the students needs. Going above and beyond, needs to be a consistent action, as staff become a united front.  

applying what ive learned form this training

Training is ineffective unless the desired behavior, knowledge and skills are transferred to the workplace. Applying what you've learned from your training will help you maximize your performance results. Please take a moment to reflect on what you've learned and how you intend to apply what you've learned in your workplace environment.


Shared Wisdom

I have learned from this section the vast array of ways to advertise the school.Including using an ad in a magazine or a simple website can do wonders as regarding to advertising our product and the services a school can provide 


I learned fro mthis section that as a admissions representative that you must followed the required guidlines with the school. As well as the same compliance with the school and the list of terms that would show up when it comes to an agreement with a student 

Lessons learned

 I learned key difinitions and terminology used to identify roles in the florida statutes as well as chapter 1005 and the postsecondary education.I also learned that the advertising can be used as brochurtes,flyes and mailing pieces

best practices


Problem solving

Problems are good ways to take time out to assist others that need help. When you ome to the aide of others you allow them to complete something the felt was unobtainable.

Be Prepared

We should be prepared anytime and this will help the staff/employee to have their pace when there's a site visit. 

Be Prepared

It is indeed that we should be prepared regardless if there's site visit or not. Know the right thing to do and be compliant to the policy and procedures of the institution that we are working with. 

Customer Service

I will follow the campus core values and mission. 

Catalog Review

It is important to review your school's catalog annually.