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action plans

Creating action plan

FERPA and Privacy Course

This was my most challenging course yet! And I love a good challenge. There are so many details, intricacies and exceptions to FERPA, that this course is one that I will certainly come back to review my notes on a regular basis. It will also be a good idea to look for any new changes to FERPA policies on an annual basis. 

Stay in Compliance

If you do not know something ask and not assume you know. Treat each student with respect.

Do the right thing

Help each student and provide great customer service. If you stay in compliance you will be successful. 

Instructions the future students

Every institution must make clear to the future student of the rights they have  as students, and the the things that can be disclosed  or not disclosed regardless on who is asking information in regards to  student status grades etc.

Sharing My Wisdom

I can't say it any plainer than we are in the age of information and technology.  Please stop acting as if everything you do online, in person, etc is a secret. Someone or something is always watching everywhere. 

My best advice for people who are starting out as a new parent(s).. Please, please know this; from zero to five years of age are the most critical years of a child's life when it comes to learning. Do not let your children become addicted to technology. Do not let the tablets and cell phones become your child's babysitter.  I have been… >>>

Accommodation Action Plan

With students that have disabilities there can always be a happy outcome for all. Upon notification of the disability I will have the conversation with the student about their needs. Get a clear understanding of the learners challenges. I will then suggest that they consult them to the proper school officials that will confirm if the accommodations will be approved.


As the director of an ADN programs there are many challenges, and the students sometimes want instant results. There have been some adjustments made to the previous program and they were necessary to solidify our path to excellence.

Experience w/dyslexic students

When I taught in a foundation class, I noticed over a period of time m e that several that several students struggled to pass their exams. After careful consideration, I considered these students had learning disabilities. I understood this because of my background in mental health and learning disabilities. So I had the students to complete an activity that showed what type of learner she/he is. I then asked the question, what can I do to assist you with your learning. That's when the student disclosed that she received accommodations when she was in high school because she is dyslexic.… >>>

Compliance, Understanding of Ethical Requirements and School Standards

Understanding the schools mission statements and culture are extremely important to the success of of the faculty and staff as much as it is for the students. I have learned to keep abreast of changes so I can represent them appropriately to the students in my class.

Addressing Bias & Stereotypes - how to better combat it through design thinking

Taking the CM 251 training on Students with Disabilities: Legal Obligations and Opportunities has equipped me with a deeper understanding of the legal framework surrounding disability accommodations in educational settings. The most important take away has been how could I better address bias in my own teaching.

It addressed common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding disabilities, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing biases to create a more inclusive environment. 

Besides that I better understand the legal implications, opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders, and creating creative and inclusive environment.

I love design thinking and using design thinking in creating lessons. 

I… >>>

Color code different part of speech when teaching sentence variety

To make students understand how different parts of speech work in creating sentences. I color-coded the Subject and the Predicate.

It is similar to diagramming sentences, which is out of fashion now but which helped strengthen students' writing skills.

Acronym WAIT: Why am I Talking - helped control outbursts and brought in more reflective dialogue

The acronym "WAIT" helped control inappropriate outbursts from a student who suffered from ADHD.

I made a huge poster with the acronym and under it the Q. Why Am I Talking? And a funny picture of a student talking excessively without thought.

I also found this article useful:


Resolving Student Complaints

Over the years we found some best practices in managing student complaints:

1. We learned years ago to seek complaints from students. Go out and speak to students and ask what concerns do they have. Be genuine and follow up with them when they do. One becomes a person of integrity and action.

2. Take notes when listening to complaints. Ask opened ended questions to gain insight. 

3. Validate the "feelings" the student have.

4. Avoid the defensive posture. 

Faculty and other department areas

This course was very insightful for me because it allowed me to experience real potential student questions and what proper verbage should be used whether in the Admissions department, Student Affairs or Financial Aid. I also have a much better understanding on state licensing and accreditation. I feel more confident on understanding the processes of different departments as well besides Admissions. 


found it odd that the quesion posed on the 1990 law on safety and security , was on Release of grad date data.

Understand FERPA

As a former dean at a national university it was my responsibility to understand and communicate with my program directors and faculty FERPA regulations. At the campus we held regular meetings, and the topic of student privacy was always at the forefront of the meetings.

Important Information!

Training was very informative, and provided the material we all need to remain compliant

Do the right thing

always make sure to do the right thing when it come to representing school 


Training was very informative, and provided the material we all need to remain compliant