Shared Wisdom

I have learned from this section the vast array of ways to advertise the school.Including using an ad in a magazine or a simple website can do wonders as regarding to advertising our product and the... >>>


I learned fro mthis section that as a admissions representative that you must followed the required guidlines with the school. As well as the same compliance with the school and the list of terms that... >>>

Lessons learned

 I learned key difinitions and terminology used to identify roles in the florida statutes as well as chapter 1005 and the postsecondary education.I also learned that the advertising can be used... >>>

Problem solving

Problems are good ways to take time out to assist others that need help. When you ome to the aide of others you allow them to complete something the felt was... >>>

Be Prepared

We should be prepared anytime and this will help the staff/employee to have their pace when there's a site... >>>

Be Prepared

It is indeed that we should be prepared regardless if there's site visit or not. Know the right thing to do and be compliant to the policy and procedures of the institution that we are working... >>>

Customer Service

I will follow the campus core values and... >>>

Catalog Review

It is important to review your school's catalog... >>>

Be Prepared

I was refreshed in how to always be prepared for on-site inpections, how to treat the inspectors and respond to their... >>>


Very inforamtive and valued information will definately... >>>

Compliance Regulations

At Concorde we insure that appropriate action is prevented by doing the right thing at all times and in every... >>>


The foremost guiding characteristic of a culture of compliance is... >>>


It is very important as an instructor to be truthful and honest about the nursing program with current and future students. If there is something I do not know, I will refer the student to talk to the... >>>


This course has opened my eyes and challeneged... >>>

Never Give Up

I believe in this life we make mistakes and the key to success is to keep... >>>

Helpful updates to FERPA regulations

A good deal of new information.  Relevant to regular interactions and engagment with... >>>

Building a Wellness Module

I will give the students time to ask questions about any of the assignments and material im covering for that day or... >>>