I have the course content but how do I make it on-line accessable

Beimg an instructor I have the couse content and the ISD ready for my course. What is the best steps to get in ready to be placed into service on-line. I do not have the skills needed to make the... >>>

ID'ing the right courses to start an on line offering

I have never developed any on-line courses but I am very anxious to start being able to deliver my classes on-line. I teach business class and as an example Accounting is taught in three seperate... >>>

Multi-tasking in the postmodern student.

Do you think the nature of on-line classes leads to a tendency to multi-task in more postmodern (Attention Challenged) students? I would rather they focused on the content than playing online games... >>>

Online Classes and Syllabi for Accreditation

What are the implications for Accreditation for online classes? Will they follow the same... >>>

Elements of presentation

Where does one draw the line between education and entertainment? I have been annotating "Amusing Ourselves to Death" for one of my classes and it occurs to me, is this post-modern? What is the... >>>

Software Choices

I am in the position to guide our institution into online learning and am looking for suggestions for software and/or internet-based systems. I have loaded Moodle on my personal server, but am not... >>>

Online Training Student Demographics

Do your online students have common interests? Do you find similarities in their career objectives and educational background? I am looking for common demographics for an online candidate for career... >>>

Developeing an onlinecourse

What suggestions do you have for culinary classes online, would the entier program be online? ie.. how to teach a student to fillet a... >>>

Characteristics of Dynamic Learning Environments

What essential characteristic distinguishes dynamic learning environments from conventional... >>>

Using Technology to Develop New Skills

What types of new skills does the use of new technology develop in... >>>

New Skills and Learning Assessment

What are the implications of new skills development for learning... >>>

Evaluating Learning

Why is it important to evaluate the process of learning in addition to the learning... >>>

The White Board

How can the use of an interactive white board heighten interaction with... >>>

Wikis and Blogs

How can wikis and blogs directly support students becoming producers of... >>>

Tablet PCs

Describe how the use of tablet PCs can increase customization and flexibility for... >>>

The Effect of New Technology

How does new technology change content input for students... >>>

The Nomadic Learner

Why is this generation of students often referred to as "nomadic"... >>>

Technology Applications

What are the two main technology applications and uses that influence this characterization of today's... >>>

Internet Changes

What specific changes has the Internet brought to computer mediation of the instructional... >>>

Blended Learning Opportunities

In addition to retaining the face-to-face sessions with students, what other opportunity does hybrid or blended learning offer... >>>