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Have you developed or discovered a presentation, paper, report, or any other document that you’ve found useful in your work? Share the file with your peers as they may find it helpful as well. Describe the uploaded file and solicit comments to enhance engagement and learning.

The New World of Competitive Selling

I developed this as a pre- and post-read to a virtual course we customize for every client.  In the course, they also take a KaRISMA assessment, first, which assesses and autoreports to them how competitive they are on each of the 6 dimensions of competitiveness in selling. Then the course allows them to work in virtual teams or individually (but better as a virtual team) to develop strategies and tactics they may learn to and use in their own jobs to heighten their competitiveness. They are assessed online with a key learnings quiz (Level 2A) prior to joining the course,… >>>




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