Developing an Instructor/Student Working Relationship

TERRY MELTON December 30, 2014
In an online course it can be difficult in five weeks to develop an instructor/student working relationship. I have been very lucky to have a high number of military service members enrolled in my... >>>

Should have waited to start this course after the holidays

Edward Purcell December 23, 2014
I have too many distractons now to do this. I will come back at a later date in January 015.... >>>

Is there a possible web lexicon of media formats?

Is there a possible web lexicon of media formats? ie. graphics, audio, animation, and video formats and codecs, proper usage, and best methods for dissemination in online... >>>

Inclusion in online chats

While in ground based classes, it is easier to see, identify and more importantly identify how NOT to approach the shy or insecure student. How is this issue addressed in the online chat... >>>

Technologies and outcomes

Have any studies been done comparing different technologies used in relations to different student... >>>

Course Setup

Adam Roland November 25, 2014
Having worked for several online institutions over the years, I have seen various forms of classroom set up. Some are more static media and text intensive. While others focus more on interactive... >>>

technology is only a tool

Laura Fry November 17, 2014
"Technology is only a tool in learning and should never direct the process" Although wonderful in theory often it does. Many students involved in on line learning are buisy people and look at on line... >>>

structural integrity

Laura Fry November 14, 2014
I find the term " structural integrity" to be vague and open to interpitation Any... >>>

Interactive Learning

susan cardillo November 5, 2014
I like the idea of hybrid learning because, as both a high school and college teacher I am very aware of the attention span of young people today. They are constantly being innondated with technology... >>>

New online teacher starting out

David Liss October 22, 2014
Hello, I am being directed to develop an online AS degree for my school. We have chosen an LMS and they will provide some training for online teaching, as well as pursuing this certification. Can... >>>


Catina Flagg October 12, 2014
Storyboarding is an efficient way to improve the e-Learning development process for your entire team. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why... >>>

Course Syllabus

Catina Flagg October 12, 2014
The syllabus is typically your students’ first real introduction to your course, greeting them with the pertinent details regarding what to expect from the course, and what the course might... >>>

Discussion Post

Catina Flagg October 12, 2014
In the online instructional environment, the discussion questions, posts, and responses are the lifeblood of the course. Why is it so challenging to increase... >>>

Online vs. Traditional Learning

Catina Flagg October 12, 2014
What is the big difference in online versus traditional... >>>

Meaningful interjections in discussion threads

Dean Deason September 27, 2014
I try to audit posts daily to accomplish two things. One, to keep the conversation on point and proper.Two, to correct false assumptions/conclusion on a timely basis before the thread becomes too... >>>


What are good sources for animation... >>>


I work in a music production school. Some of our courses require that the student must perform tasks on Audio equipment that the normal musician would not have laying around requiring them to come to... >>>

Online course communication

I would like to hear some experiences of live audio interaction. I like the live audio but It feels a bit stale to me especially when you have multiple students communicating. Any... >>>

Online Education vs. On-site

In reference to question 10 of the quiz for section 1. I believe that online education cannot be as effective as on-site for career education. It is an effective tool but the student needs to have... >>>

Keeping information up to date

I have never taught online yet, but I have taken many a class, and the ones where the information links have changed are the most frustrating. How would you go about keeping those links updated.... >>>