Media options

This section emphasizes the importance of using media in creating modules.  We are limited to media aids that can be downloaded from the web for free (ie no budget for purchasing apps). ... >>>


Many instructors are afraid of using technology for instruction.  I find that students are more responsive when you use technology such as text messages and blogs.  What are you finding in... >>>

Bridging cultural

I have taught students from many different cultures.  To truly engage students, we must reach out to them in ways that are culturally responsive, respectful and appropriate. How do you achieve... >>>

Students and their Comfort Level with Technology

I suppose my greatest concern with hybrid learning is the fact that not all people who are considering enrolling in college are technology savvy. I fear that potential students may fail to enroll... >>>


I have engaged in online courses and the feedback I missed most was the benefit of an immediate verbal feedback or a gesture in the form of a nod or smile. E-learning environment is different as... >>>


I am trying to get my students to study. Find it hard to believe they would cheat on an open book... >>>

Discussion: The Pros and Cons of Life-Changing Ideas

Discussion: The Pros and Cons of Life-Changing Ideas   Changing the world with new ideas doesn’t always bring positive outcomes, such as the addition of value to a product line, a... >>>

Are Five week classes long enough for students to get the basics?

Coming from a traditional school, I find it hard to teach as many of the basics students need. Maybe they do not need as much from one course. I teach Environmental Science and most of the time I skip... >>>

Student Computer Compatiblity

I am interesting in learnng how much time other instructors spend dealing with student computer crashes and other system compatiblity issues. Far too often I will get an e-mail from a student who is... >>>

Learning by teaching

I love the concept of learning by teaching. I teach composition and literature courses, and I discovered in my first semester of teaching composition that I learned more about writing in that process... >>>

Asynchronous vs. Synchronous tools

As an online instructor, do you feel that asynchronous, synchronous of a combination of these tool types, is most effective in the online classroom setting?... >>>

How to win a student that feels overwhelmed

I have a the biggest challenge of winning studets back after a long absence, how do I win them... >>>

Copyright Issues and the Classroom

The main issue in teaching art-based classes online is the lack of copyright free images to help hold lectures together and convey not only historical information, but also current styles and... >>>

Holistic Approach to Teaching

Hello, Do you think the fast pace of online teaching enviroment allows you, the educators, for the holistic approach and evaluation of the learning process, other than the learning outcomes?  ... >>>

Group or Paired Work

There are powerful and great skills for student development. Additional skills discussed in regards to groups and pair work in the form of a project are . Collaboration, 2) compromise and 3)... >>>

Technology moving forward

Technology is moving at an astonishing pace. We no longer rely on the old or out dated technology such as dialing phones or dictionaries. We use to have rotary phones and our minds were sharper and... >>>


Mediation can occur between computers and people in a learning context to demonstrate a multitude of processes. We use computer mediation to day to bridge the gap by use of audio tape, TV programs,... >>>

Logic Vs Effort

Logic is a discipline. Some A(s) are B(s) Some B(s) are A(s) therefore all A(s) are B(s) is by definition is illogical. It seems on occasion that teachers are using logic and effort interchangeably.... >>>


Computers provide teacher and students with another tool for voicing there opinions and being heard as well as searching for information and... >>>