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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Many Different Types

I never really thought about how many different class types and varieties there are. Essentially, when it's all said and done, class types come in as many different varieties as the students that comprise them. 

Hard Word and Effort!

Online classes often take more time, not less.

Skip the one size fits all!

Remember that students not only learn in different ways, they also have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning while using technology.

An instructor's "secret" to figuring out what works

Encourage the students to provide in-depth feedback (good and bad) about the course. The students can often identify parts of the course that were exceptionally useful or well delivered as opposed to those that were not. Then, the instructor can adjust and improve accordingly.

EL 107

Designing a dynamic and technology-enriched course increases student engagement and supports iPad technology in nursing education at the University of Lynchburg. As an Apple-designated school, the nursing faculty strives to create opportunities for students to use their iPad in the classroom, clinical, and simulation settings.  After completing EL107, I feel more confident in designing learning opportunities that take into account the diversity of students and the customization of student learning through project-based learning.

I look forward to incorporating the new knowledge into my spring 2022 courses!



Is Awesome!!!

Synchronous meetings keep students engaged

Having a once-per week synchronous meeting with students as a group keeps students engaged and makes students feel less isolated.

Critical analysis and assessments

Critical Analysis is a main aspect in the process of assessment because it relates course content wirh real life problems. 

Evaluate as if you are the student

In the Designing and Developing Online Courses module I learned that it is best practice to evaluate your course as if you are the student. In order to provide the highest chance of success for your students, the course needs to be easy to navigate and the objectives well defined.

Virtual Internships

Due toCOVID 19, this year I had the opportunity to experience whayt it means to monitor students participating in a virtual internship.

I discoverd that communication is key. It is very importnat to set a schedule to meet and follow up on interns progress.

The good thing is that fast internet service and the proper video conferencing and remote access software facilitate interaction in a significant manner.

Many of the concepts explained in the course related to my real life experience.


Designing Online Instruction

Even though I taught online last quarter, I would not consider that experience to be a good model.  I am hoping to create a dynamic larning environment for my students this fall even though I know my preference is to be live in the classroom with them.

Applying Innovation

Applying the concepts in the course as the bare minimum to course design should provide a basically acceptable level of instruction. 

This is how i teach

Book work l

lab projects 


string more than pearls

Famous director Mike Nichols realized only in his 80s that the focus indirecting should be on "the string more than the pearls" He meant that the structure must have integrity in order for any inspired moments to occur. This lesson is reinforced for me as I reflect on how well detailed and considered ISD is and so how well worth adhering to it will be. 

Next Steps

This class has given me a lot to consider, however there doesn't seem to be any software yet available to support my program (cosmetology). I will continue to research for VR, AR, and MR tools that I can use to enhance my instruction. 

Online Course Design

This course was excellent learning experience!

Throughout the course, I was consistently reminded of the importance of Learning Activities, Course Components, and Media Strategies.  Each item contributes to desired course outcomes.  As I continually evaluate course curricula, I will reflect on these learning activities and apply them. I will, definitely, work to bring multimedia into the online classroom.

Application of Knowledge Gained to Online Course Design

I plan to apply the knowledge gained in this course in acquiring additional computer skills to improve the instructional integrity of the courses I will be managing. Also, the reinforcement of the challenge that learners who are less computer savvy may have in an online environment is making me rethink deadlines for online assessments. 

Online VR & AR & MR

Very interesting data.  I hope to incorporate this into my classrooms soon.


good learning tool

Developing e Learning Environments

This course was a basic course in understanding the online classroom and should be essential in the hiring phase for online instructors.  It is very helpful if you haven't been involved in creating an online classroom!