Virtual Internships

Due toCOVID 19, this year I had the opportunity to experience whayt it means to monitor students participating in a virtual internship.
I discoverd that communication is key. It is very importnat to... >>>

Designing Online Instruction

Even though I taught online last quarter, I would not consider that experience to be a good model.  I am hoping to create a dynamic larning environment for my students this fall even though I... >>>

Applying Innovation

Applying the concepts in the course as the bare minimum to course design should provide a basically acceptable level of... >>>

string more than pearls

Famous director Mike Nichols realized only in his 80s that the focus indirecting should be on "the string more than the pearls" He meant that the structure must have integrity in order for any... >>>

Next Steps

This class has given me a lot to consider, however there doesn't seem to be any software yet available to support my program (cosmetology). I will continue to research for VR, AR, and MR tools that I... >>>

Online Course Design

This course was excellent learning experience!
Throughout the course, I was consistently reminded of the importance of Learning Activities, Course Components, and Media Strategies.  Each item... >>>

Application of Knowledge Gained to Online Course Design

I plan to apply the knowledge gained in this course in acquiring additional computer skills to improve the instructional integrity of the courses I will be managing. Also, the reinforcement of the... >>>

Online VR & AR & MR

Very interesting data.  I hope to incorporate this into my classrooms... >>>

Developing e Learning Environments

This course was a basic course in understanding the online classroom and should be essential in the hiring phase for online instructors.  It is very helpful if you haven't been involved in... >>>

Social Networking

I found that by incorporating social networking techniques and using Blogs are a helpful tool to use with students. They allow for student engagement in the course material, as well as promoting a... >>>

Next steps Action Plan

After reviewing the quest content, I will be looking at in viewing the impact of discussion questions. I will be adding depth and information to the classes that I teach. Additionally, I will be... >>>

Blog update for English 240

While the level of course that I normally teach does not include quizzes although this used to be part of something called Toolwire., I find that asking questions and getting participation in the... >>>

Very Enlightening!

This module was scary and very enlightening. I did not realize that both the school and instructors can be sued regarding copyright material.
There is so much involved when it comes to copyrights.... >>>

Best Practice

I allow the students to debate a topic. I assign half the class the pro aspect and half the class the con aspect of whatever topic I choose. Though they do not agree with the aspect they are assigned,... >>>


My action plan is to use the information I learned to apply in my online classroom.  It is important to incorporate the use of technology in the online... >>>

Action Plan

This course helps tremendously for barriers that may arise in online learning and... >>>

Action Plan

I feel this course had a lot of relevant information for online communication.  It is very helpful in reminding me to read everything I write before I post or send it.  It also helps when... >>>

Granting Additional points how to show fairness and integrity in the process

I try to think of new and innovative ways to motivate my online students. Giving extra credit, having some additional course work, optional vs mandatory. My dilemma is that some students may feel it... >>>