Best Practice

I allow the students to debate a topic. I assign half the class the pro aspect and half the class the con aspect of whatever topic I choose. Though they do not agree with the aspect they are assigned,... >>>


My action plan is to use the information I learned to apply in my online classroom.  It is important to incorporate the use of technology in the online... >>>

Action Plan

This course helps tremendously for barriers that may arise in online learning and... >>>

Action Plan

I feel this course had a lot of relevant information for online communication.  It is very helpful in reminding me to read everything I write before I post or send it.  It also helps when... >>>

Granting Additional points how to show fairness and integrity in the process

I try to think of new and innovative ways to motivate my online students. Giving extra credit, having some additional course work, optional vs mandatory. My dilemma is that some students may feel it... >>>

Incorporating a lecturer

I normally do not incorporate hyperlinks in my course content. After completing this learning activity it seems like it would be a very good option form my students to retrieve their... >>>

Online Learning

Very helpful in regards to developing new and reviewing current... >>>


Jennifer Lewis September 3, 2018

I am in the process of using the information reviewed in this course to design my first course.  I am working on my analysis and the design document to ensure that I truly follow the ADDIE model... >>>

Design & Developing Online Courses

John Mares May 23, 2018

Today I spent the morning at my home learning about how to design and developn online courses through this MaxKnowledge course provided to me by my employer, Brighton College. This course has given me... >>>


After taking this course I realised that eLearning has high quality content which has polished design and can easily be navigated, since this has high quality content, the learners has to be of higher... >>>

On-line classes

Kenneth Martin February 19, 2018

I took this course to see what was the best practice wisdom for jumping in to this process. It will depend upon the institution to decide whether it wants to delve into this arena, or continue to be... >>>

Course in desperate need of an update.

Joanie Conwell February 2, 2018

This course discusses CD-ROMS as appropriate technology. When is the last time anyone used a CD-ROM? Please update the course to make it relevant for 2018 and... >>>

Technology is a tool and not a Process

David Jahani November 27, 2017

We need to look at technology as a tool and not as a process. Technology allow us to process our teaching in a way that is very effective, and create a channal of communication between the teacher and... >>>

Different forms of learning

Lazaro Pino November 22, 2017

During this training, I have found answers to many questions during my life as a teacher. One of them is why many students being brilliant in class discussion of a problem applied to real life, were... >>>


Mark Goron November 9, 2017

As a somewhat new instructor to online education, I found the EL101 course to be an important tool for learning what not only goes into the design of a course but how it should be effective. I have... >>>


Dean Deason August 26, 2017

 m... >>>

eLearning Environments

I think one of the most significat items in developing a class is to have it organized and presented clearly for the students. 
This is important because when they log in and read over the... >>>

Maria Villasmil

Online learning has facilitated the development of digital skills, which I have been developing and applying in the course of everyday work.It is very important to navigate the technology on the Web,... >>>

What does eLearning Currently mean?

My sense is that most learning environments integrate some form of eLearning now. The lines between online and F2F are disappearing because most resources are now online.  I think we are slowing... >>>

I am a novice

I am just testing the water.... a lot to... >>>