Do You Like This Course?

So far I am impressed with the course. I woul like to get everyone's thoughts on it as... >>>


When looking at the rhetorical element of audience what can we as writers do to impact and include audience memebrs? Does a review of the audience demographic help? Why or Why... >>>

How do you target kinesthetic learners?

Hi!If you teach a fully online class, what is a good way to target kinesthetic learners? In one of my classes I give them a practical assignment out in real life and have them come back and share... >>>

Teaching fully online courses as if on-ground

Hi!I have created multiple online courses, where I mimicked what I did when I was teaching on-ground. When teaching on ground I would never use power points, I always would draw and write on the... >>>

Elearning Environments

Hello Everyone, I teach a variety of medical classes and we have a lot of different elearning environments because we have to incorporate EHR software into the learning environment.... >>>

Cell phones

Do you find cell phones are a help or... >>>

Incorporating hyperlinks and guest lecturer

Hello, I normally do not incorporate hyperlinks in my course content. After completing this learning activity it seems like it would be a very good option form my students to retrieve their... >>>

Modern Math

Modern Math is all about the marriage between classical axioms and theories to modern, innovative ways of thinking. So to celebrate our foray into this exciting union (and to bring us luck!) we've got... >>>

Slow Members of the Herd

How do you think it would be best to address the students that are always looking to put in the least effort and only approach an assignment in the 11th... >>>

Multiple-Choice tests

Then: multiple choice tests are not going to be used in blended... >>>

Give time to process the information

I think that this aspect of giving students time to process information, will be restricted in West Coast University in the seven days of the correspondig week, or I'm... >>>

Activities in the classroom

Please, anyone of you can give me specific examples of activities to be developed in the classroom, in such a way that the students could be motivated, and besides help to reinforce the dianamic... >>>

Digital Natives and me!

I was educated in a country where technology is in the hands of the government as an instrument of power. The Cuban people do not have access to information about what is happening in the world. And... >>>


I am interested in how to incorporate portfolios into science learning.  This is the one area I would like to focus on as I progress through blended applications. Any... >>>

Learning by Teaching

I have found that I have learned more about the topics I teach as an instructor than as a student.  I utilize this in my classroom.  The students work in small groups practicing the... >>>

Time Management

As  an instructor of blended courses, I find the time management for blended courses to be overwhelming.  After a ten to twelve hour day teaching and 2 plus hours driving, I am not motivated... >>>

Guest Lecturer

I have never used or seen a guest lecturer used. What are some strategies for incentivizing a guest to come lecture or answer questions on a topic. I think we could benefit from using guest lectures... >>>

Intellectual Interaction - Q?

What do you find are the most effective "learning elements" or learning activities for students who are learning hands on skills and clinical applications? I am thinking video and interactive... >>>


We are not the course designers for ECPI, I am confused as to why we are required to complete these... >>>


Often in the online environment, there is a wide variety of computer navigating experience levels because there are 'adult learners' that are not from the current 'tech savvy' sociiety. What type of... >>>