TO BE informed via graphics or NOT TO BE

Although I appreciate integrating visuals into my classroom, I am finding more and more animations and gifs to be a distraction to a student's encoding & retention of information.  Has anyone... >>>


Is it okay to use these in our online courses? How can we get permission (if at all) to use these... >>>

Implementing Online courses

I am using a pilot online approach with our sudents.  Thlis gives them the opportunity to take distance online courses and still maintain a family life and continued to be employed full... >>>


I teach finances at master degree level, I use simulation business game with excellent... >>>

Computer Basics

I am teaching a basic Office class and the labs are automated how can I prevent them from getting frustrated?... >>>

Anyone using embedded videos for math?

I'm developing a new approach to online math: one that uses embeddded videos, enriched topic material, student to student mentoring, in addition to standard online tools. Does anyone have experience... >>>

Developing e Learning Environments

This is a tool to use with the student.  This is a HUGE factor in student participation. I know when I took online classes and the first person posted, if I realized my answer was different then... >>>


Copyright Laws are very important to institutions to ensure that the students are using material correctly.  They are also of importance to instructors to ensure that the material that they are... >>>

Guest lecturer

Do any of you have expereince with Guest Lecturers? I would love to provide more variety for my students and this seems like a potentially positive way to do it. Do the students read the lecture or is... >>>


what is the LMS you are using and your course? I used moodle and it works... >>>

Instructional Design

Does anyone utiulized the WIIDS method in their online... >>>

LMS Opinions

I'd like to hear what is the LMS you are using and your overall opinion of what works and/or what... >>>

Group Projects

In our LMS, we have a section called Collaboration. In the section, I have the students work on their group assignments. One person or the entire group can work on the assignment. The students can... >>>

Chats and Online Conferences

Using these modes do you give quizzes or... >>>

Canvas LMS

We are using the above LMS. I have been using it for about 30 weeks. Does anyone have any ideas on using any of the features primarily Collaboartion, Conferencing, and... >>>

Course Design

In the online environment, my courses are already designed. However, I review the links and materials to ensure they are still relevant, and that links still work. I am able to make suggestions to the... >>>

Dental Cements

What are the pros and cons of using Zinc Phospate... >>>

Weekly Subject Matter

Highlight the main subject matter in this weeks... >>>

Scaffolding Tools

Scaffolding tools have always been of great interest to me and I try to use them throughout my courses.  If I can add tools to make the learning easier and assist the student in any way possible... >>>