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Instructors can use technology to keep the student engaged and actively learning.

Online classes MUST include a wide variety of media.

I've learned all the components of an online class.  Teachers must stay up-to-date on assignments and links.

It's amazing the similarities between online learning and in person learning.

Online learning has both similarities and differences to traditional, in-person classes.  The interaction between teacher and students needs to be the same high quality but different.

It would be best if you were organized online; so many tasks need to be done correctly to engage students, have them participate, and make them feel heard and important. Assessment is critical and there are multiple ways to teach, you need to use the best format for the lesson, not always just lecture. Use color and your imagination,

unlimited answering in quizzed help the student with retention and feeling confident they know the reasons behind why it is the correct answer.

Synchronous and Asynchronous systems have benefits online. The use of a guest speaker is a good idea. 

A well-structured and easy-to-follow course is crucial to a successful online course. Modules are an easy way to organize your content

The student to student model is always a good reminder about peers teaching peers, but the importance of the teacher "checking" that knowledge, vetting it, to ensure that the knowledge is correct.

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