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VI is becoming more prominent as some work is remote. 

Student engagement correlates with enhanced critical thinking skills and improved knowledge retention. By actively involving students in the learning process, educators create an environment that fosters deep analysis, comprehensive understanding, and long-term retention of acquired knowledge.

Distance learning requires a student-centered approach that caters to different learning styles and engages students in various instructional experiences. Students can actively participate in the learning process by including interactive activities like group discussions, virtual field trips, and synchronous class sessions. Interaction with instructors and peers fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills and students' engagement and contributes to their overall growth and development in the online learning environment.

Online classes often take more time, not less.

Online courses often require more time, not less.

Clear indication of outcomes - what can we do once we complete this course - before activities or LOs.

With hands-on practice at home, labs may be just as fascinating and educational as they can be in person. Students gain access to resources they might not otherwise have through online learning. But its imperative that they have the right resources and supplies.

Comment on Mindy Hodge's post

I agree with you Mindy.. Including learning outcome questions in all tasks to evaluate comprehension and proficiency will be beneficial.

I learned using videos to conduct experiments appears to take a lot of time for both the student and the teacher. I like a collection of numerous images documenting the experiment.

Students who are introverted or take longer to participate in class discussions, as well as those who cannot attend a synchronous course at a specific time and location, can both benefit greatly from asynchronous coursework. Among other qualities, asynchronous online learners need to be at ease working by themselves, be self-directed and motivated, and have solid time management abilities. 

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