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I learned the types of businesses and professions that offer VIs and how to avoid scam VIs. I don't think it is directly applicable to the type of internships our program needs, but I think a portion of our internships might be able to use a virtual component along with in person responsibilities.

Intership scams was something I did not know about until taking this module. Interesting information

When working online and doing videos I have to be just mindful of my body language as I am if in front of students in the classroom. 

This module shows me the importance of the selection of an appropriate design and development methodology for an efficient instructional design. 

This module will help me in the process of creation syllabus courses. It will also help me to review the current template. 

The Learning Activities module will help in planning the activities for student success. 

The Characteristics of Quality Online Courses will improve the process of designing and creating programs, with the responsibility to provide the content and strategies for a efficient learning. 

Understanding The six principals of media strategy can help rely the information effectively. 

I believe that the most important course component is having students perform a quiz. This will determine if the information was carried over from the the previous course content. 

I love the idea of synchronous learning because it will help emulate an "in class" environment. 

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