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Helping the learner organize their thoughts by using clear defined instructions for each assignment or assessment is key to successful outcomes. Using rubrics is very helpful to help the learner navigate an assignment or assessment in an organized and constructive manner.

In this session it was discussed the importance of making sure students understand the importance of an assignment. Helping students see the relevance of assignments to the learning objective and overall mastery of the topics helps them relate and take ownership of their learning. 

In this module I was able to review the syllabus and determine how it lists the components of the course and guides the students through the course. The syllabus very important for clear understanding and navigation of the course. The syllabus is an essential part of the course offering valuable information.

The use of guest speakers to engage students and give them an outside real- world perspective is an area I would like to look consider for distant learners.  Discussion are a great way to get students thinking about topics and start to use critical thinking. Encouraging students to engage in discussions is a good way to help students. reflect and opens up opportunities for expanded learning.  

The importance of easy navigation so the learner does not become frustrated or waste time with the navigation of the course instead of learning. The other essential component of online learning is interaction. It is important to engage the learner and keep the learner interested and focused on the learning objectives. This can be accomplished using different forms of interactive learning activities such as videos, discussions, interactive exercises that engage the learning and help with retention of information and concepts.

I appreciate the information regarding structural integrity and navigation simplicity. Providing students with simple ways to navigate material will decrease confusion and ensure students easily access assignments. I'm interested in learning more about intellectual interaction to increase online engagement for the learners. 

Designing interactive coursework that is engaging allows for the ability to evaluate and assess what students know.

Evaluating and presenting to the students 'what the purpose of an assignment is and why it's important' a rationale for the objectives and how the objectives will be utilized in practice.   

The methods for synchronous and asynchronous learning are not new to me.  I have used the methods before when treating patients and in my own online pursuit of education and now I will apply these methods to teaching as an instructor myself. I am excited and ready to start finding hospital educators to come into my classes as guest speakers to present their expertise and insight into the subject matter we are covering in class. 

Interactive coursework to allow for student engagement and purpose.

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