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Great information.  Testing should be student-centered and learning outcomes oriented. Holistic assessments help to encourage different types of learning methods. Traditional assessments are content specific and do not truly assess what a student may have learned. Effective learning and the forms of assessment continue to change.

Great information that I could apply to my on-line courses.  There are some fantastic ways to create ways for students to interact with each other. Using portfolios is ideal for students. One benefit of learning what instructional technology tools can offer is to assist in helping to promote learning. 

The information was very useful. I plant to use some of the strategies presented. Knowing how to address and meet all types of learning styles is imperative to a successful hybrid experience for the instructor and the students. Students should be encouraged to be aware of their own learning styles so that they are engaged and productive in their learning.

This course is providing me with ideas, through technology, on effective ways to provide instruction to increase student's learning autonomy. It provides ways to keep students engaged.

What have you learned from this module and how do you intend to apply it?

That virtual learning has started in 1700s.

21% of public schools already offer at least 1 entirely online course by 2019.

6% of public schools already offer all their courses online as an additional option to onsite by 2019.

Now, in 2023, online learning is even easier and more affordable.

There is a lot to consider when designing courses. I like the aspect of group work so that students can work towards a common goal.

Immediate feedback is very important for students in an online course.

It is important to consider what types of questions you ask for the desired learning outcome.

Structural design is very important when designing online courses.

Logically organized courses help students make sense of the expected requirements and outcomes; how one part builds on previous phases. Applying the principles of the ISD method has been shown to lead to success; applying ISD to your course helps with proper development. 

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