Getting to know the student = greater rewards for everyone

I believe that if we get to "know" our students in the online/virtual environment - we interact with them in a chat room, in discussion board,even a personal contact at the beginning of the session -... >>>

Online environment and ability to maintain academic integrity

I believe that there is a great deal of concern from those outside the distance learning environment - thinking that the online environment may not be able to provide that same level of academic... >>>


Being an adult learner, I have concerns of being a student that would be successful learning on-line. I am attempted to step out of the box, technology dictates staying ahead of new methods of... >>>

Course structure

I agree the course structure, syllabus,information sheet needs to be as complete, as interesting. as exciting as possible. The more I can promote the excitment the more participation I can get. We all... >>>

on line question and answers

you know how we always say there are no dumb questions and I believe this is absolutely sure there isn't. But I'm sure we have seen at one time or another some one make a face or jesture. with online... >>>

Getting students to participate in helping one another.

I wish I could claim this as my own, but I cannot. I want to share with you all a wonderful technique I learned from a teacher I had during graduate school. Her name was Shauna Schullo, and she passed... >>>

Course creation

I have found that, for me, creating a course that appeals to students as well as helping them learn is really an ongoing process. I create a base file that I believe will work, and every session I... >>>

The joys of office hours

My biggest hurdle for creating office hours with my students is the fact that, with 18 students all living in different parts of the country, it can be a bit of a problem finding the "right" time to... >>>

The problem with SOME guest speakers

I am fortunate in the sense that I teach video game development. Fortunate that I work in an industry that is fun and interesting for the students (well ok... for me too). But the time I tried a... >>>

Using SKYPE or iChat Video for Online Learning

It was assumed that "face to face" might not be part of the online learning format. Not anymore! I believe any class can easily facilitate video conferencing with today's streaming capabilities.... >>>

On-line Research

In addition to teaching structured course content on-line, unstructured content and collaborative interaction are academic changes that need to be ingegrated into the educational architecture. There... >>>

Online Look & Feel

Really the question is how close to the real world eduction envirnment can the online envirnment duplicate. Any... >>>


Incorporated into this module was the ADDIE Model without the implementation stage... why? Isn't that just as important as the other stages of this model?... >>>

Online Assessments

I am currently going through my doctoral degree program and have two classes left. My interest is in curriculum design as well as, creating online assessments for both student and instructor. It... >>>


Being at home or away from a watching eye,the online evaluation seems couldn't evaluate precisely the leaning. Students could easily use different refrences to get help to answer the questions.... >>>

active instructor

An active, engaging instructor is very important in an onlilne discussion. If instructor do not be active in the whole discussion, and bring it back on the topic again, it easily changed to a kind of... >>>

Keeping up with technology

The main reason I am taking this course is simple; I am a big believer that education must continue to evolve in order that our graduates, specifically online graduates, can compete in the constantly... >>>

Course development for non-degree/non-academic offerings.

The course we are developing is for training young professionals in our field and not for either academic credit or certifications. Content is important but grading not so much as just getting them to... >>>

Online Course

If allowed in the online dashboard incorporate media to engage students and encourage... >>>

Converting a Lab-Oriented Camera-Based Class to the Online Environment

I teach largely hands-on skills in a laboratory environment (like operating a video camera and lighting in the film style). These skill sets require substantial hands-on experience and seem difficult... >>>