Integrity of online examination

Cheryl Evans September 11, 2007
I am beginning to build on-line coursework and have great concerns regarding exam integrity. Does anyone have any suggestions in this area? I did read one forum suggestion which indicated online... >>>

Online only versus supplemented In-class courses

Hello All, How effective can elearning be, for students of career colleges that use expensive or highly specialized equipment? Are the benefits of time-shifting, robust media, etc. outweighed by... >>>

On-line assignments and discussions

Nieva Alix February 25, 2007
In the learning environment of teaching career students computer skills, I have to follow a syllabus with the regards to the topic to be discussed and give assignments to students. I have made... >>>

Online vs Traditional Education

James Phillips December 31, 2006
In today's marketplace, more and more schools are offering online coursework. The standards that were set in an in-class setting are being met and even exceeded using online formats. Hiring of most... >>>

Online course design specification...

Jane Leight June 14, 2004
In this module, you have been introduced to the benefits of creating a Course Design Specification. Assume that you are outsourcing course development to a company that develops online courses. In... >>>

Online assessment methods...

Jane Leight June 14, 2004
In this module we addressed several online course components. Describe a course that you have taught, either online or onsite, and discuss the assessment methods you would use when facilitating that... >>>

Online discussion methods...

Jane Leight June 14, 2004
In this module we addressed the selection of appropriate learning activities in an online course. Assume you are an instructor at a career college that offers associate degrees in web design. You... >>>

Online vs. traditional education...

Jane Leight June 14, 2004
In this module we addressed the attributes of quality online courses. Assume that you are a Controller. You have interviewed several candidates for the position of Bookkeeper, and are at the point... >>>