Instructor and computer programer

Do the instructor and computer programer have to work... >>>

Online instructor Office hour

This is important , because students assume that Faciliators or online instructors are available all the time . Don't you think... >>>

Instructors are actors and online course can be a movie

These days younger people love to work with computer. Online courses with a good design can stimulate them even better than a real classroom and live... >>>

Getting Students to Get Involved with OnLine Chat

I think that in this day and age that most students go to online schooling because they can keep their current work/home, etc. schedule. I am wondering, however, since everyone has different... >>>

group work vs individual work

In a traditional classroom setting students have trouble meeting to work in groups, or the usual one person does all the work and another person does nothing, but expects credit. I have never taught... >>>

online vs. on ground

How essential is it to create an online course to an on ground course for first time college students since they are familiar with on ground contact with... >>>

Time Zones

Should more than one synchronous chats be offered to accommodate students in various parts of the... >>>

Text & Course Structure

How crucial is it to structure an online course to parallel the required text?... >>>

Technology Needed

I am not much of a computer person - am 60 years old! Nonetheless, I am starting to become fascinated with what it would take for an on-line course to be truly fascinating to the student. I do... >>>


How do institutions ensure that the students they enroll are prepared to take an on-line... >>>

How realistic are chat sessions?

Many students move to the online environment because their lives dictate that they cannot be in class at a particular time. Do you feel chats are realistically possible when you are trying to... >>>

How do You Teach Poise In an Online Presentation Environment

For myself, I have honed my ability to speak in a group setting by practice, practice, practice. I have studied co-workers, teachers, and other students for tips on how to present myself. I have had... >>>

How Will You Show Your Passion in Online Learning?

We all just completed the first quiz. The first presentation was clear and multi-sensory. But, I wonder how you show your passion. Do you see areas in online education where you will be able to... >>>

Unlimited Quizzing

I'm not sure how I feel about this... To me, it makes more sense for students to know they have to study the material to be able to pass a quiz. Not jsut keep guessing until they get a 100. I feel... >>>

Evaluating individual contributions to a group project

As an Instructor, I find group projects particularly difficult. Many times, one or two students within the group take on a majority, if not all of the work. How do we assess the comprehension &... >>>

Discussions used in Group project interaction

As an instructor one of the problems I encounter is students not interacting together appropriately in group projects in a traditional classroom. Students miss the concept of working as a group in a... >>>

Getting carried away

With the abilities we have in technology it seems to be easy to get carried away. What is the best way to avoid overplay with our... >>>

Talking about integrity

I believe it is important to come up with a way to do online exams and protect the integrity of those exams without having to set up additional time and space for a proctor. Employers are starting to... >>>

Should students critique one another

I bleieve the ability to have chat rooms is great. The ability to have synchronous and asynchronous I also think is great. However, is it appropriate for students to actually critique each other?... >>>

Experience vs Education

Does it matter where your education came from? On-line courses are fairly new and I don't think the typical hiring manager may be very aware of the ability and additional retention one can gain with... >>>