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Technology is essential for an online course.  You can use synchronized scheduled meetings based out of a cell instead of a computer. 

Technology is key!

I'm looking forward to having real time video conferencing with our students in the near future. Text based interaction leaves alot to be desired and it is difficult to get the students engaged. I'm hoping that once the students "meet" with us in a interactive video that they feel more encouraged to post questions in our text based forum, since they will now have a feel for who they are messaging.

One of the biggest advantages of online learning is they can learn at thier own pace, some will be able to adjust to the new concept while others will need more time, As Todd said, video interactive will put more students at ease once they know who they are interacting with.

Most people have access to online anywhere they go, if the student has the drive to learn they will make it work to their advantage.

With an online platform technology is key.  If the technology doesn't work on campus that is one thing but when it's an online program the whole success of the program is in jeopardy. 

While the role of technology has expanded our horizons in education, we still need to be aware of how we communicate. Text communications do not allows to see nonverbal cues. Instructors need to use video communication to have effective communication. 


There are so many different ways to communicate with your students today but we need to remember giving out too much personal information is not good, such as personal email or number.


Technology plays a critical role in students success and online experience

The role of technology play a huge role in online learning. Making sure students have everything they need to accomplish learning is another. 


I can see that the role of technology play a huge role in online learning. Making sure students have everything they need to accomplish learning is another. 

 I leanred that 47% of young professionals and students surveyed found the internet to be as important as basic human needs. 


Technology is here to stay, 2/3 of students have it and can not live without it.


Seth Soronnadi

I agree with the highlight that "Communicating with students through technology is quite different from face-to-face interactions. Education professionals need to be aware of these differences if they wish to develop strong working alliances with students they may never meet face-to-face."


Starting to see why Hi-Tech requires Hi-Touch. It's a computer. Part of a teacher's job is to make it feel less like a computer, more like a real person here, teaching you. 


Adaptive Learning platforms can identify a student's weak points and make recommendations to help students enhance their knowledge, thus creating a more personalized learning experience.


I think when it comes to having a real connection with students synchronous communication is key (as opposed to asynchronous communication) as it states "... videoconference would be more capable of conveying social presence than an email because this medium can transmit the warm smiles, head nods, and eye contact that usually accompany face-to-face interactions in real time. This sort of immediate, sensory-rich communication makes the experience seem more “real.” Text-based communications lack the cues that accompany face-to-face interactions, which can make relationship-building a bit more challenging without proper training." 

Technology plays a big part in this however regardless students must feel they are connecting with the instructor, course, peers and the program in general in order to learn effectively.  

Embrace tecnology. I like looking at student's work on their desktop as we do a classroom task online with the software tool we are learning.


Communicating with students through technology is quite different from face to face interactions.  Keeping students engaged will be a new challenge.


I think using today’s technology is benefits for both instructor and students. Provides current information and wider access and support students can practice collaboration skins. Teachers can use technology to meet the individual needs.