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With an online platform technology is key.  If the technology doesn't work on campus that is one thing but when it's an online program the whole success of the program is in jeopardy. 

I know many instructors of online that just check off what the student has done giving out zeros for all work missed and moving on.  There's no or little reaching out to the student to see if they can help.  That's why I believe that building that relationship early in the course is so important and having multiple ways of eaching the student and doing so all along the way not just at the end when grading the course. 

I have taught online for about 10 years now, however our courses are blended so having them in class greatly improves the communication challenges of online.  Building that relationship is so important to the student's success.  Now working with zoom where you can see the students is a huge tool in the success of online. 

Students are all different so you need to understand that what motivates one student does not motivate another neccesarily.  Keeping in continue communication with the student is your best tool so that you can understand and help them be successful. 

If a student has options of how they can achieve an assignment then they can feel confident in their knowledge and be more open to the assignment and in turn their education.  

I learned that the students with Authority traits like lectures, Demonstrators like coaching, Facilitators like activities, Delgators like group activities and Hybrid like blended style.  Creating a curriculum that incorporates all these styles is ideal. 

Learning about the True Colors Personality Traits I learned that Blue can be emotional, more withdrawn; Gold can be self rightrious, needs responsibiliy; Greem can be impatient, tends to make things more complex; Orange can be disinterested in routine and loud. 














Learning about the different personality traits like Phlegmatic allows you not to judge or label a student but more understand how their personality affects their studies.  Knowing this you can best serve your students. 

Critical thinking is taking a subject and turning it over to explore it deeper and have it relate to your own life.  This skill does not come easy for every student.  Therefore doing things like group activities 

I have been doing blended classes for over 10 years now but within it we have taken very few group activities that we do in the classroom and placed it in the blended course.  This lesson has encourage me to do more with that. 

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