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I have learned that staying within your scope of practice always works best. As an educator and as a student it is hard to remain in the instructor role and not answer questions that the students direct towards you. I have learned to stay within my scope of practice, and it is much easier than she said.

I have a much clearer understanding of probing, redirecting, and reinforcement. I have always praised my students for accomplishments but know I must be aware to not overdue it. 

I have learned a lot of value tools, such as allowing appropriate time for responses even though the class is pressed for time. I will also not use the phrase, "Who does not understand anymore," and ask more specific questions pertaining to the areas that I think are challenging or have been challenging in the past for students. 

I will start to incorporate more of the real world setting in the laboratory by allowing students to set up for the day, put away supplies as well as debriefing on how the lab went, such has how we can make it better. 

A combination of all the different styles of learning seems to work best with adult learners. Our student population is a diversified group of students and the learning process is often adjusted to accommodate all students. Learning styles should be updated often to fit the student body. 

As a medical assistant clinical instructor, I often incorporate music into the classroom. I often will play easy listening because I want the environment to stimulate the real world. When I update the music I notice the change, they seem to play around more and not focus on the task at hand. 

The part that interests me the most was the student that knows everything. Classmates of this students often get agitated when she speaks because they think she is a know it all. I often have to partner her up with a classmate and I can see the look in their eyes. I treat this student with respect and I never try to shut her down but I often have to talk over her, so that her classmates may have a chance to speak. I often have this student as my helper because I want her classmates to see that learning… >>>

I started an exercise routine last year and I really noticed the difference in my stress levels. I added a partner to the walk and just walking an takinking for 1 hour made all the difference to the start of my day. I felt like I had a purpose. 


Stress in a normal part of life but what I get stressed with the most at work is when I don't have enough time to teach students what they should know. Teaching six chapter in one week and having them complete the procedures is a lot for some students. I have to remember to get what needs to be done and move on. 


When I moved into my newly shared office I did a lot of what was discussed in this module. I asked for my own shelf, color coded my folders oranized my books, to do list folder, etc. That made it so much easier because I needed a work space of my own which made me more productive. 


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