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I started an exercise routine last year and I really noticed the difference in my stress levels. I added a partner to the walk and just walking an takinking for 1 hour made all the difference to the start of my day. I felt like I had a purpose. 


Stress in a normal part of life but what I get stressed with the most at work is when I don't have enough time to teach students what they should know. Teaching six chapter in one week and having them complete the procedures is a lot for some students. I have to remember to get what needs to be done and move on. 


When I moved into my newly shared office I did a lot of what was discussed in this module. I asked for my own shelf, color coded my folders oranized my books, to do list folder, etc. That made it so much easier because I needed a work space of my own which made me more productive. 


I like the the to do like. I have a large calendar that I use as my list.


I agree the learning process is ongoing for an instructor and by creating lesson plans and taking notes will help to guide the course. 


Standards for certifiation are always changing and by going through accrediation on an ongoing basis helps us to stay abreast of any new standards. 


I like using our LMS because each module is clearly outlined for each student as what hands on procedures they will attempt in lab. Students are aware so that they can prepare themselves and if the instructor was ever absent the substitute whould know what to teach as well. 

Learn as much as you can about your students by using assessment strategies. Get in tune with your class by utilizing pretests and gathering information about pre-existing foundational knowledge that your students may or may not possess.

I like the fact that we can now complete virtual labs on and off campus. Students seem to enjoy the making and avitar of themselves and completing the lab with real life scenarios. 


Keeping online students engaged in an asynchronous evnironment is very challenging. Feedback and communication is key and we focus on this as soon as students enter the program. Students must remember that facilitators do not work seven days a week 24 hours a day and they need to learn to manage their time. Students always seem to wait until the weekend to attempt assignments and if they have an issue no one is there to help but IT. I email and message students to let them know that I am there and my on-line office hours are posted. Accountability and… >>>

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