kenneth gay

kenneth gay

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I learned that it is important to Use positve and affctive statements and words in a positve manner.

I can see that the role of technology play a huge role in online learning. Making sure students have everything they need to accomplish learning is another. 

I see that the seven online competencies can help students improve the online experience.

I can see that Building strong working alliances and creating a positive campus climate will help in student retention.

I know that Engaging for more than an hour time is challenging to keep students engaged for any teachers and refreshers come in many forms .

I learned that If instructors understand their students personalities traits they can better engage them and achieve better outcomes.


I learned that It is imperative for instructors to understand how personalities interact and how knowledge of the true colors can help instructors be intune with students needs. 


Learning about the True personality traits can make the classroom or online learning environment flow. I learned that Each person will have a different true personality. Maybe groups could be put together of a blue, gold, green and oranet personality. 

 I learned thatPersonalities are challenging but knowing them and engaging is usefu for optimal results. 

i can see that Students need to have the critical thinking skill in the real world. Using the techniques learned we as instructors can help build the critical thinking skill.

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