Lori Riordan

Lori Riordan

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all  students should be treated equally and have the right for a education  even  if they have a diability.

Each student is different so you must make a plan to help each individual suceed. this can be done by setting goals in and out of the clasroom.

knowing when and when not to coach.


being aware of the issues that staff must be addressed in such away that includes the employees.


I have learned how to assess students before during and after a lesson is given. Discussion and sceneries will bring the class tighter wiith the different answers and how each individual thinks.


Using positve and affctive statements and words in a positve manner.

Technology plays a critical role in students success and online experience

the seven online competencies can help students improve the online experience.

i learned that retention is established through good relationships between the student and faculty.

Incorporate diffent learning styles in order to acheive a good learning experience


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